Tan Thanh company welds itself firmly to international integration

08:50 | 15/10/2019 Companies

(VEN) - From a very small family business 30 years ago, the Tan Thanh Mechanical Electrical Co., Ltd. has grown into one of the two largest welding machine manufacturers in Vietnam. Nguyen Duc Tien, Director of the Tan Thanh Mechanical Electrical Company, shares the story of its humble beginnings and the international ambitions it nurtures for the future.

tan thanh company welds itself firmly to international integration

Please tell us how this impressive growth happened. What were the development milestones over more than three decades?

Tan Thanh was established in 1983 as a family-scale workshop which provided the service of rewinding wire for welding machines, motor, generators. From there, Tan Thanh has gradually transformed and become a company producing high-tech welding machines, staying updated with world trends, meeting the needs of the domestic market, and expanding the market to other countries in Southeast Asia.

In 1994, with accumulated experience plus the trust of customers, Tan Thanh boldly chose for itself the specific direction of specializing in manufacturing ARC and Spot welding machines. In 2000, Tan Thanh successfully introduced the DC 3-phase ARC welding machines with Diode technology which provided stable DC output current, and, importantly, did not cause power grid imbalances.

In 2005, Tan Thanh Mechanical Electrical limited liability company was established with the determination of being an expert in SCR technology for heavily industrial machinery and in “Inverter” technology for product lines which are compact designed, portable and easy-to-use, producing nicer and smoother welding, compared to ARC, TIG, MIG, and PLASMA machines.

From 2017 to now, our company has been aiming to continue implementing plans to expand the network of agents nationwide and move towards export markets.

What`s the range of products that Tan Thanh now offers?

We currently offer a range of welding machines including: ARC WELDING, SPOT WELDING, SEAM WELDING, SUBMERGED ARC WELDING, TIG WELDING, MIG WELDING, PLASMA CUTTING, and GRID CONSTRUCTION WELDING. Tan Thanh's products are used in heavy industry, petrochemical, consumer goods, construction and many other industries.

tan thanh company welds itself firmly to international integration

What types of machines is Tan Thanh exporting and what direction will the company take to widen its presence in the international market?

Currently our company exports TTC251I, SCR TTC 500T, and Tig Inverter 303F to Southeast Asian countries. This accounts for about 10% of total output. We chose a separate path, focusing on manufacturing machines for heavy industry.

In order to widely introduce Vietnamese welding machines to international customers, we have actively approached markets in some countries, and introduced our products at specialized exhibitions taking place in the country. Recently, we took part in an exhibition in Shanghai, China.

The world still does not know much about welding machines made in Vietnam. Therefore, doing well in the international market will not be easy for Tan Thanh in particular and Vietnamese brand welding machines in general. But I believe that with perseverance and efforts to improve our technology and improve our human resources, we will successfully enter the international market in the near future.

Tan Thanh took part in the METALEX 2019 exhibition. Can you tell us something about your participation?

At METALEX, Tan Thanh showcased the most advanced welding machines: ARC250F, TTC251I, CNC Plasma, TTC500T, PULSE MIG 500 and HB 9 KVA, helping Vietnamese businesses know more about machines that can save production costs and increase labor productivity. Hopefully, through METALEX, Tan Thanh can expand its market share and promote among both Vietnamese as well as international customers the welding machines made in Vietnam, to increase brand awareness and pride over Vietnamese welding machines manufactured in the country.

How is Tan Thanh preparing for Industry 4.0?

To keep up with production era of Industry 4.0, the company has to bring automation into the factory as much as possible. At Tan Thanh, our employees are always trained and updated with new knowledge in the industry. We will continue to learn new technology and will aim to develop the most modern and affordable laser welding machine to serve increasing demands of the domestic market, helping industrial businesses save on their production cost.

What would be your assessment of Vietnam’s human resources in the welding industry today?

The welding industry in Vietnam is not very developed. Skilled engineers and welders are in short supply. Therefore, soon we will open a website to update and share the latest knowledge in the welding industry, as well as help those who are interested in welding can learn by themselves. We at Tan Thanh are enthusiastic about contributing to the overall development of the workforce in the welding industry in Vietnam.

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