“Taiwan Smart Machinery” promoted at MTA Vietnam 2018

11:06 | 05/07/2018 Industry

(VEN) - The Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) organized a “Taiwan Smart Machinery”conference and business matching event for companies in Vietnam and companies and institutes in Taiwan. The event was held within the occasion of the 16th International Precision Engineering, Machine Tools and Metalworking Exhibition MTA Vietnam 2018 in Ho Chi Minh City.

At the conference, Ms. Fang-Miao Lin, Vice President of TAITRA, and Mr. Simon Gong, Director of Economic Division, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Ho Chi Minh City presented an overview of cooperative potential with Vietnam. “In 2017, Vietnam imported US$ 106.9 million of machines from Taiwan that makes Vietnam the 7th largest market for Taiwanese machine, especially machine tools. Currently, Taiwan is the 4th largest supplier for Vietnam.”

Taiwanese companies focus on Smart Manufacturing Solutions at MTA Vietnam 2018. With the trend of Industry 4.0, Taiwan has the supply chain from key components, automation module, to system integration, which can provide the solution in Automation, Robotics, Sensor, and Controller. With the advantage of the technologies, Taiwan can provide the solution of Predictive Maintenance, Remote Monitoring, Equipment Prognosis, etc.

Three Taiwanese companies including Hiwin Technology, Tongtai Group, Takisawa Technology also introduced their high technology products and smart solutions to Vietnamese potential partners at the conference.

Hiwin Technology is a typical case of global technological operation, a world leading company that focuses on the development of motion control and system technology manufacturing, which makes Hiwin the most comprehensive motion & control products supplier. Hiwin’s robots know how to learn by replicating complicated operation without coding on computer. These robots is equipped senses of seeing, hearing, and touch feeling that make the robot slowdown when people getting to safe distance, and immediately stop when being touch by human.

Intelligent Manufacturing is also a focus of Tongtai Group (TTGroup). At MTA Vietnam 2018, TTGroup focuses on smart automation, namely “Tongtai Intelligent Management System” (TIMS) and “Tongtai Line Management” (TLM) through realization of IoT, robotics, big data and lean management, to connect smart manufacturing systems and services. With a mobile phone, the management can control at real-time the whole system, identify and solve congestions, improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Takisawa Technology is specialised in manufacturing precision machine tools and PCB (printed circuit board) drillers for domestic and international markets. In the machine tool line, Takisawa Technology supplies small and medium CNC lathes and non­CNC high speed precision lathes for component production. At the exhibition, the company presents the Takisawa intelligent manufacturing executive system by using the structure of MES and IoM. Machines can be connected, and the MES building structure works as a solution of whole plant automation. An app on mobile phone can help to control and analyze operation of each part as well as the whole plant.

According to the Taiwanese Topology Research Institute, the global market size of smart machine was US$225 billion in 2017. It is forecasted at US$250 billion in 2018 and US$ 320 billion in 2020. Smart manufacturing is the basis for differentiation competitiveness in aerospace, semi-conductor, machinery, metal gear, IT, energy, 3C, foods and textile.

My Phung