Taiwan Paper Producer Wins License for $1-Billion Project

09:52 | 16/12/2015 Economy

Taiwan-based Cheng Loong Corporation has won a license to carry out a paper plant project in the southern province of Binh Duong, becoming the largest foreign-invested project in the locality this year.

Taiwan Paper Producer Wins License for $1-Billion Project

A visual from Cheng Loong Corp's website (Photo: www.clc.com.tw)

The $1-billion plant is designed to churn out one million tons of industrial paper and 50,000 tons of household paper annually.

Works on the plant, which covers an area of 75 hectares, will start by the end of this year at Ascendas-Protrade Singapore Tech Park in Ben Cat district. The facility is scheduled to be operational by January 2018.

This is the largest overseas project of the Taiwanese paper producer. It currently operates four paper mills, six box plants and one business form plant in Taiwan, in addition to manufacturing and marketing sites in China and Southeast Asia. It is the supplier of Apple and Nike./.


Source: Bizlive.vn

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