Sweltering heat forecast to dissipate on June 6

16:50 | 05/06/2017 Economy- Society

Suffocating heat with temperatures reaching as high as 42 degrees Celsius gripping Hanoi and northern Vietnam over the past week is forecast to ease off from June 6, the national weather service has announced.

Streets in Hanoi were mostly empty over the weekend because of the blistering heat

Rain and thunderstorms are expected in the region, helping to cool down the record high temperatures in more than 40 years.

The fierce heat wave will continue on June 5 as the result of a thermal low combined with hot winds, with temperatures averaging 37-39 degrees and over 40 degrees in some places.

In recent days, the blistering heat has caused a rise in the number of children’s hospital visits and wreaked havoc on people’s daily lives, especially those who have to work outdoors.

Streets in Hanoi were mostly empty over the weekend while lakes, swimming pools and commercial centres became favourite destinations for the city residents to cool off and avoid the heat.

Power consumption also surged during these days, reaching the highest levels in history.

Electricity Vietnam said electricity usage on June 3 hit over 71 million kWh, up 63% compared with the previous month’s daily average and 11% over the daily average of the same period last year.

The heat wave also saw a strong rise in the sales of cooling fans, air conditioners and refrigerators.

Theo NDO