Sweden Firms Seek to Provide Traffic Solutions to Vietnam

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Swedish businesses have arrived in Vietnam in search of offering solutions to critical traffic problems in Vietnam.

Sweden Firms Seek to Provide Traffic Solutions to Vietnam

The Swedish transport delegation worked with the Vietnamese Ministry of Transport on traffic solutions on Wednesday (Photo: Tuan Minh)

A Swedish transport delegation, led by Sweden’s Vice Minister for Infrastructure Erik Bromander, worked with Vietnam’s Ministry of Transport in Hanoi on November 25 to share their experiences on innovative and clean urban transport solutions.

Businesses represented in the delegation offer solutions in the field of public transport, including Scania & Volvo (buses), Gunnebo (entrance control), Axis Communications (surveillance), Icomera (solutions for a connected journey), Kapsch TrafficCom (toll road solutions) and Wate4Fuel (waste-to-fuel solutions).

“Sweden has long been at the forefront of safe, environmentally friendly and efficient transport solutions. There also exists a long-standing relationship between Sweden and Vietnam and there is great potential to take this cooperation forward in the field of infrastructure and transportation,” said Mr. Erik Bromander.

Ambassador of Sweden to Vietnam Camilla Mellander noted that Vietnam is facing a number of challenges in the area of urban development, due to the country’s accelerating urbanization and growing middle class. “An efficient transport network would enable people to reach their destination in the shortest possible time.”  

Vietnamese Deputy Minister of Transport Le Dinh Tho said that his ministry was working on measures to attract foreign investors with capital and advanced science and modern technology to Vietnam to develop more robust transportation infrastructure and ensure order and traffic safety in the country.

As of 2014, around 33% of Vietnam’s population of 90 million lived in urban areas and the rate is expected to increase to 50% by 2025. Urban areas defined as cities are expected to increase from 700 in 2014 to 1,000 by 2025. The growth in urban areas will create a need for new and innovative public transport solutions.

Meanwhile, applying clean transport solutions help reduce pollution. In 2014, the Environmental Performance Index ranked Vietnam as having the 8th worst air quality among 178 surveyed countries, in part due to the increased use of inpidual means of transport.

Traffic accidents remain a hurdle in Vietnam. There were 18,437 traffic accidents in the country in the first ten months of this year, killing 7,185 people, falling 11.4% in number of accidents and 3.9% in death toll from the same period of 2014.


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