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Supporting industry enterprises quadruple performance

13:45 | 18/12/2021 Events

(VEN) - On December 16, Bach Khoa Elevator and Mechanics Joint Stock Company (BKE) held a review of the improvement process after 12 weeks of participating in the program "Organization of technical advice and support to improve production in Hanoi". Vietnamese enterprises in the field of supporting industries and production of finished products in the South" supported and implemented by the Southern Regional Technical Development Support Center (IDCS).

supporting industry enterprises quadruple performance

The closing ceremony was attended by Mr. Nguyen Lam Tung - IDCS's improvement program manager, Mr. Nguyen Van Quyet - BKE's general director, a group of consultants for BKE and company employees.

Mr. Luong Tran Quynh, a specialist, evaluated the outcomes obtained by BKE after 12 weeks of development, saying: "The working environment of the firm has been greatly improved, and the factory floor has been organized with distinct separating lines.

Mr. Quynh explained that, before enhancing the welding of details, it is fully dependent on the abilities and health of workers, and that the number of equipment and materials in each region is enormous, taking up a lot of space, resulting in loss and waste; inventory, resources, and waste products are many, and workers lack a thorough understanding of the 5s... "We have noticed a tangible difference in the business, such as how the supply warehouse is organized, after only 12 weeks of improvement advice." Workers in the installation compartment have a better understanding of the 5s procedure. The company, in particular, has established essential stages to check important standards and quality at each stage.

Mr. Nguyen Van Quyet, BKE's General Director, stated that the company's productivity, efficiency, and revenue have all improved significantly since it began participating in this program. "Before the enhancement, we had to labor extra hours, day and night, to construct four elevators per month." Now that the number of personnel is the same, there is no need for overtime, but the number of elevators produced has increased fourfold. More encouragingly, the program's effectiveness is assisting the company in expanding its exports by connecting with a number of consumers in Japan and South Korea," Mr. Quyet explained.

According to Mr. Quyet, the company's future plan would include research into a variety of other goods in addition to its main strength of producing elevators, as well as increased automation to decrease the labor shortage.

The program "Organization of consulting and technical support to improve production in Vietnamese enterprises in the field of supporting industries and manufacturing finished products in the South" is a project developed by IDCS (the under the Department of Industry - Ministry of Industry and Trade) funded and implemented within five consecutive years (2021 - 2025).

Mr. Nguyen Lam Tung - Project manager said: In 2021, the project will provide technical assistance to 51 businesses in southern provinces such as Long An, Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Can Tho, and Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City… Participating in this program, funding for production improvement consultants is extracted from the State budget approved by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Participating enterprises will be given priority to participate in business networking events, meetings, and participation in domestic and foreign production supply chains organized by the Department of Industry. Due to the impact of the epidemic, counseling activities are carried out in a combination of both offline and online forms.

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