Sun Life Vietnam introduces new sales model: Sun Fast

11:39 | 07/09/2020 Companies

Sun Life Vietnam Insurance Company Limited (Sun Life Vietnam) has officially launched Sun Fast, one of the first online solutions to provide secure protection in Vietnam.

Sun Fast is a digital tool that supports advisors in approaching, consulting and completing the insurance application for the clients without the necessity to meet in person. This solution helps clients to receive Sun Life Vietnam protection in a convenient, fast, and secure manner anytime, anywhere in Vietnam - so long as they have access to a mobile or laptop with internet connection for completion of insurance documents.

sun life vietnam introduces new sales model sun fast

Sun Fast is considered a cutting edge business method in the Vietnamese insurance market, offering a convenient option for both clients and advisors to adapt to the new situation, especially during social distancing, with the challenges this poses for the traditional insurance business.

Mr. Larry Madge, Chief Executive Officer of Sun Life Vietnam, said: “We believe that with Sun Fast, clients will have a new and different experience while purchasing the very best products and services from Sun Life Vietnam.”

Sun Fast has been designed to be easy-to-use and secure, whereby clients do not need to set up any account or install any software. Through any internet connected device, clients can access Sun Fast through a unique link, generated by the system for one-time use only and sent via email, with a secured OTP code sent separately via text to clients. After accessing the link, clients can check all the information on their application, confirm their agreement to purchase insurance by signing directly on the digital screen, and then use e-payment methods to pay the premium and complete the transaction.