Successfully complete “Fresco for the Future” in Canh Duong fishing village

17:16 | 15/03/2018 Society

AkzoNobel- the world leading paint and coating company, as well as the manufacturer of Dulux and Maxilite – collaborated with professional artists and amateur art enthusiasts to accomplish a brilliant range of 30 dynamic 3D frescoes with diverse themes in Canh Duong fishing village, Quang Binh province in the project: “Fresco for the Future”.  

successfully complete fresco for the future in canh duong fishing village
The artist painted these frescoes with the premium external paint by Dulux

Activated on 31st January 2018, the project features diverse themes of the historical story, culture, natural protection, human life and entertaining frescoes, etc. Following the devastation caused by Doksuri storm that ravaged the fishing village in October 2017, the frescoes help bring color to the streets and to people’s lives as well as contributing to boost development of the local economy. In the coming years, these frescoes will bring a new look that helps to make Canh Duong become an attractive tourist destination in Quang Binh.

Mr. Nguyen Viet Dung- Director of GIUN9 Art Center, said: “The idea of this project is formed when our team saw the first fresco village in Tam Thanh, Viet Nam over a year ago. We felt that Vietnam landscape is so beautiful, the idyllic beauty but poor. If we do more fresco project like Tam Thanh in other villages, we can create a new change for the resident’ life in there. Therefore, we decided to do this project. However, we got some difficulties because many storms came to Middle of Vietnam, especially in Quang Binh province while we were preparing for the project. Luckily, with the paint sponsorship of AkzoNobel Vietnam and the selection of Quang Binh tourism department that want to make Canh Duong become the key tourist spots of the province, so we can successfully complete the project.”

The artist painted these frescoes with the premium external paint by Dulux, Dulux Weathershield - an innovative decorative paint product with a wide range of colors, which not only helps to beautify the wall but also provides optimal protection to the walls from the harsh effects of extreme weather and the conditions of climate change.

In order to complete this project, the group of 15 artists from many provinces of Vietnam such as Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh City, Lao Cai, Thanh Hoa, Quang Binh, etc. worked hard day and night to complete the project in a very short span of time. All participated artists also have the same passion for painting and a dream of honoring the beauty of the island in Vietnam.

Ms. Pamela Phua- General Manager of AkzoNobel Vietnam, said: “One of the strongest commitments of AkzoNobel is to create more “human” living environments across the world. And we are very proud of contributing to the success of the project “Fresco for the Future”. AkzoNobel utilizes its own key strength –protection and colours – to energize the communities and make their lives more livable and inspiring. The program of renovating civil construction under storm-resistant standards shows our effort of contributing to the sustainable development of Quang Binh Province”.

Phạm Chi