Stunning winter trips in Vietnam

06:00 | 08/03/2021 Culture & Tourism

(VEN) - The cold winds of winter beckon tourists to Vietnam’s north and its Central Highlands.

stunning winter trips in vietnam
The tender pink color of the cherry apricot trees

Contemplating flowers in the northwest

The arrival of winter in Vietnam’s northwest provides an opportunity for flowers to bloom. The immense white mustard flower fields in Moc Chau town of Son La Province are usually in full bloom from November to late December. Then, apricot and plum flowers blossom, covering the hillsides of Moc Chau town and Bac Ha rocky plateau in Lao Cai Province.

As tourists travel in early spring from Moc Chau to Lai Chau and Dien Bien Provinces, and Sa Pa town of Lao Cai Province, they will see wonderful peach blossoms everywhere. The peach flowers here are also pinkish, with mossy and rough branches and trunk, but they are different from peach flower trees in lowland regions. The roots are strong and the flowers’ color appears more vital.

A five to six-day winter trip to the region affords views of snow-covered Sapa with its ancient houses and colorful markets, as well as an opportunity to enjoy the Na Hoi horse racing competition and the culture of the Bac Ha fair. Tourists can also experience winter in the highlands of Xin Man, Hoang Su Phi in Ha Giang Province with the rustic natural features of the northwestern mountains and forests.

stunning winter trips in vietnam
Flowers blossom in winter throughout the northeastern and northwestern regions

The call of the Central Highlands

Arriving in Dalat in winter, walking along streets lined by colorful wild sunflowers, listening to the wind blowing through pine trees, enjoying the taste of a hot cup of coffee, experiencing the nip of the local weather, travelers love the winter in the Central Highlands.

Visitors can also attend the Dalat Flower Festival featuring thousands of species of domestic and imported flowers, including bright yellow wild sunflowers, charming blue hydrangea fields, roses blooming across the hillsides in the sunset and roads shaded by cherry blossoms.

Not only Dalat, every destination in the Central Highlands seems peaceful, with its trees, hills and coffee.

stunning winter trips in vietnam
The tranquility of Mai Chau

Tranquil Mai Chau

Mai Chau Valley in Hoa Binh Province attracts visitors with its clean mountain air and forests, diverse cultural features, unique cuisine and two famous tourism villages, Lac and Pom Coong villages.

The 700-year-old Lac village is considered the most beautiful tourist destination in Mai Chau, imbued with the cultural identity of the White Thai people. In the past, the people of Lac village lived only off upland rice cultivation and brocade weaving. Nowadays, many earn their living by developing community-based tourism. However, the village retains its rustic characteristics and friendliness.

As for Pom Coong Village, its name means the village of the hills located on a large drum, a reference to rice fields. Pom Coong is known as a cultural tourism village and an attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists.

Pom Coong is very clean. Water and sanitation works are closed, mainly using fresh tap water. Garbage is sorted, stored in bins and treated.

Pom Coong people still erect stilt houses, which are only separated by vegetable beds or thin hedges. Sitting in front of their doors, residents can talk to each other.

Thai ethnic groups make up a major proportion of Mai Chau’s inhabitants, and the local cuisine features their culinary culture. Sticky rice grown by the Thai on terraced fields is a particular tourist favorite.

Whether going up to the northern region to enjoy the cold weather, or to the coastal area to bask in the winter sun, visitors will surely be satisfied with their travels through the S-shaped country.

Thanh Tam