Students enjoy expressing their road safety knowledge through art

16:06 | 20/05/2022 Society

In celebration of the lessons learned as part of the the Safety Delivered program, supported by The UPS Foundation, we are proud to host a day of fun learning about road safety and announce the winners of the helmet safety-drawing contest!

In cooperation with the Provincial Traffic Safety Committee and the Department of Education and Training of Thai Nguyen Province, AIP Foundation is gathering at Trang Xa School to bring together students, teachers and local government representatives. As a community, we have to work hand in hand for sustainable change.

students enjoy expressing their road safety knowledge through art

In April, students from five project schools projects across Vo Nhai district in Thai Nguyen Province entered the drawing contest. Each class was encouraged to draw a picture in their classroom following the topic: “Correct helmet wear – Safety Delivered”. All students were given full free creative reign to draw what safe helmets represent to them.

Some students drew about our Protec helmets, expressing the importance of how a quality helmet can have a life-saving impact. It was particularly endearing to see the drawings where students expressed through pictures how important it is for their parents to be aware of road safety skills and using quality helmets.

“I am honored to witness the students learning so many road safety skills that will stay with them throughout their lives. I was touched to see to many incredible drawings! The students really did a great job to express how important road safety is. It was really difficult to select the best drawings, they are all so good,” sharedNguyễn Thị Thúy Hằng,Brokerage Supervisor and Co-Chair of UPS Vietnam community involvement committee.

In this extracurricular activity as part of the Safety Delivered program, students are learning the importance of wearing a helmet to protect themselves. It also gives the students an opportunity to reflect on the lessons learned during the program and express their own ideas on helmet safety by creating their own artwork.

“If we want to bring about lasting social change, we need to empower students from a young age. Today is all about putting their voices first. Students using art to express their road safety knowledge is a testament to the success of the Safety Delivered program. At UPS, we are proud to support AIP Foundation, empowering and engaging with students from the very start,” said Squall Wang, Managing Director, UPS Vietnam.

With support from the 2022 FIA Global Action Grant, the day will be filled with interactive activities for all students including a photo exhibition to raise road safety and helmet safety awareness for all attendees, a photo booth to promote the worldwide #StreetsForLife campaign, and a handover of the Global Action Plan as part of the Second Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021 - 2030.

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