Strengthening int’l economic integration communication

13:38 | 29/06/2015 Society

(VEN) - The Ministry of Industry and Trade has made careful preparation for the Strengthening International Economic Integration Communication project,Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Nguyen Cam Tu told Vietnam Economic News’ Phuong Lan on the sidelines of a seminar which was intended to survey opinions on the project and was recently held in Hanoi to mark the 90th anniversary of the Vietnam Journalism Day on June 21.

Strengthening int’l  economic integration communication

What do you think about the current international economic integration communication activities?

This information is being communicated via the mass media, state and business websites and through colleges and universities. However, most domestic businesses have failed to access this information or made poor use of what they learnt to promote their business activities, which poses a major question as to how effective this has been and leaves a question mark for a big question for state agencies to answer.


Will the project help resolve that question?

Firstly, instead of strengthening international economic integration communication via propaganda programs as in previous projects, this particular program focuses on guidance purposes including the latest information related to international economic integration of relevance to the socioeconomic strategies and development plans local and sectoral administrative agencies and development strategies of the country’s business associations.

Secondly, the project coordinates different social elements that are linked to international economic integration activities including state and business management agencies, ministries, sectors and the media in order to effectively strengthen international economic integration communication.

Thirdly, it focuses on the key points of strengthening international economic integration communication, providing guidance on the international economic integration process including introduction and implementation of Vietnam’s commitments according to local and regional features while covering issues such as administrative staff, business people, lines of merchandise and industrial parks and clusters.

Finally, the project will be reviewed on a quarterly and annual basis in order to identify shortcomings so they can be rapidly addressed.

How about the schedule for this year?

There are four key items related to strengthening international economic integration communications, including the provision of information on the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) at the end of 2015, free-trade agreements (FTAs) that Vietnam has signed or is preparing for signing such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership and EU-Vietnam FTA, the ongoing issues in the Doha Round after the 9th WTO Ministerial Conference, held in Bali, Indonesia, and the issues to be discussed at the 10th WTO Ministerial Conference, and negotiations within the ASEAN bloc.

International economic integration communications will be strengthened at local levels, especially in relation to the Mekong Delta – the country’s largest agricultural area, the Central Highlands, with many potential export items including coffee and pepper, and the localities around Ho Chi Minh City including Binh Duong and Dong Nai that are moving towards manufacturing hi-tech and value-added items.

Businesses that are operating in the fields of seafood, agriculture and textile and are affected by issues arising from international economic integration are the key audiences for the project.

Many international economic integration communication solutions will be applied including long-term and short-term training courses and publishing international economic integration documents related to specific sectors.

Will the project satisfy businesses who have claimed that international economic integration information so far has proved far too superficial?

I hope it will, as the project will obviously include solutions to address questions from specific groups. For example, agricultural issues related to the Mekong Delta will be resolved.

The project will also focus on resolving issues with commodity groups, with the priority given to groups of high-value export items, disadvantageous commodities in integration, items of interest to the state and commodities that play an important role in national economic restructuring.

Phuong Lan