Vietnam Manufacturing Expo 2017

Stepping into “modern” manufacturing intelligence

16:09 | 12/03/2017 Industry

(VEN) - Vietnam Manufacturing Expo (VME) 2017 will come back as its ninth edition from April 26-28, in Hanoi and focus on manufacturing intelligence.  

A stall at Vietnam Manufacturing Expo 2016

Vietnam Manufacturing Expo 2017, organized by Reed Tradex Co., Ltd., will continue its support for the Vietnamese manufacturing industry and bring domestic manufacturers opportunities to access “modern” manufacturing intelligence through rich contents of metrology and assembly automation. The organizer believes higher productivity and improved quality of products will help manufacturing facilities meet increasing market demand for products’ precision.

Kasinee Phantteeranurak, Project Manager of Reed Tradex Co. Ltd., said, “The International Labor Organization (ILO) forecast that in the next few decades, automation and advanced technologies could make about 56 percent of all workers in Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam jobless. With labor costs rapidly rising across Asia, manufacturers are facing the same challenges that faced their counterparts in Europe and North America about five decades ago. Automation is becoming increasingly important to the manufacturing industry.”

Capital investment is not a short-term plan and doesn’t happen overnight, especially for emerging economies like Vietnam. For instance, the initial cost of an industrial robot (including system engineering costs) is approximately US$250,000. The scale of investment is simply too large for most manufacturers who do not see the value in the current market climate and many of these organizations simply add more people to the workforce, Kasinee added.

Rene De Kok, ScanCom’s Commercial Director, said, “As a company, we cannot see much how increasing the workforce is a viable solution to the longer term challenges facing the industry. Increasingly adept with the technology, particularly in terms of correctly calibrating the equipment, and when the machinery is at an optimum level of operation, increases in productivity and quality can be enormous.”

Tran Thanh Thuy, former Deputy Head of the Electronics, Informatics and Automation Research Institute, said, “Vietnamese scientists have gained significant achievements in automation, robotics and intelligence control. However, available infrastructure remains outdated and the market is still small, making production costs too expensive.”

Indeed, mass-scale displacement won’t happen overnight, but it’s already in the works. Kasinee Phantteeranurak said, sometimes the way to save money is to invest more, it’s not just about spending money, but also the upgrading or adding some suitable corrections of technology to current production systems. Investing in equipment and technology to make the manufacturing process faster can lower production costs in the long run. It’s time for manufacturers in Vietnam to step up into “modern” manufacturing intelligence.

The quest for enhanced productivity, improved quality of goods and cost optimization will be unveiled at Vietnam Manufacturing Expo 2017. It’s not only the presence of the leading brands in metrology and assembly automation, but also experts in the industry, always be ready to share technical experience and technology’s knowledge with visitors. VME 2017 will attract the participation of leading metrology providers such as Hexagon, Nikon, Scantech, Wenzel, MAT, and also experts in automation industry such as Misumi, Keyence, Tsubaki and Ulvac.

The three-day exhibition will open from April 26-28, 2017 at the Hanoi International Center for Exhibition to welcome local and foreign industrialists. It will come along with a business matchmaking program, which offers free participation to give investors and manufacturers/suppliers connection opportunities.

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