Spurring PPP investments in fisheries

09:14 | 29/09/2015 Economy

(VEN) - The Directorate of Fisheries and units signed an agreement on public-private partnership (PPP), opening up opportunities for the private sector and domestic and foreign organizations to strengthen investment in fisheries as part of moves towards sustainable development.

Spurring PPP investments in fisheries

Photo: Can Dung

Strengthening financial resources

The Directorate of Fisheries co-signed the agreement with the German International Cooperation Agency (GIZ), Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH), Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP), Vietnam Institute of Fisheries Economics and Planning, Vietnam Fisheries Society and World Wide Fund for Nature Vietnam. The agreement will focus on seafood farming, fishing and processing, trading and services.

All the parties will implement activities to enhance responsible fishery practices, support national strategies, programs, plans and policies relating to responsible and sustainable fisheries in Vietnam, promote incentives such as offering financial grants and technical support to foster the implementation of responsible practices and promote responsible aquatic products in both domestic and global markets.

Directorate of Fisheries Deputy General Director Pham Anh Tuan said that the fishery sector was facing many challenges and difficulties in terms of diseases, markets, environment and effectiveness. Therefore, PPP investments are seen as a key solution to strengthen financial resources for the sector in the context of international economic integration.

Improving competitiveness

Vietnamese seafood products face many issues in foreign markets such as food safety and hygiene and antibiotic residues. According to IDH Country Manager Flavio Corsin, sustainable development would create favorable conditions for seafood exports to the US and EU markets as well as contribute to improving Vietnamese seafood competitiveness. The IDH is supporting localities to grant certificates in terms of sustainable farming areas for Tra fish and shrimp. Flavio Corsin hoped that the agreement would be a foundation to turn Vietnam into a responsible seafood provider.

VASEP Deputy Secretary General Nguyen Hoai Nam said that the agreement would support the sector’s growth and meet the regulations of export destinations.

All the parties will implement some activities such as the Fishery and Aquaculture Improvement Projects aiming at strengthening contributions of the private sector to small-scale shrimp farming areas and promoting responsible shrimp supply chain in Vietnam.

GIZ/ICMP Program Director Christian Henckes said that the biggest challenge for the Vietnamese fishery sector was a move in production from quantity to quality. The government needs to call for the participation of all the parties, especially businesses and manufacturers.


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