Speedy money transfer by recipient’s card number

14:56 | 03/04/2014 Economy

(VEN) - Instead of wasting time to fill complex forms at counters, Bac A Bank’s customers can use a new money transfer service via card number, meeting customer expectations in a fast, easy and convenient manner.

Bac A Bank will liberate customers from a long list of money transfer information at counters. Instead of wasting their time, customers only need enter recipient’s card number together with the amount of money on Bac A Bank’s Automated Teller Machine (ATM). The cardholder's full name will instantly appear, helping customers check and confirm transaction immediately. To date, 25 banks have deployed its money transfer service. Domestic transactions have become rapid and easier than ever.

When the message of successful transfer appeared on the screen, cash was delivered to the recipient’s account without any lag. Speed is the most significant advantage of money transfer service via card number. Senders and receivers can feel relieved with its money transfer service.

Based on technology platform, money transfer service via card number will offer the absolute safety for customers and not contain any hidden risks in terms of information security. Together with SMS Banking service, customers can actively manage their account.

Towards the goal of unlimited banking, money transfer service via card number can be used all days. In particular, Bac A Bank’s cardholders will enjoy its service for free./.

Duong Nga


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