Southern Power Corporation improves power supply reliability

10:22 | 16/01/2018 Industry

The Southern Power Corporation (SPC) of the Electricity of Vietnam has said it will supply up to 66.154 billion kWh of electricity for commercial use in 2018, or a 9.74 percent increase from 2017. 

The staff of SPC at work - Photo: evnspc

Apart from ensuring stable power supply and safely operating power lines and transformer stations, the SPC will improve power supply reliability index.

In 2017, the SPC’s total power output rose by 9.5 percent to 63.089 billion kWh while the daily production hit 177.8 million kWh, up 8.5 percent annually.

The output of power for commercial use reached 60.280 billion kWh, or 100.04 percent of the plan and up 9.67 percent from 2016.

Theo VNA