Southeastern region: Over VND36 billion for industry promotion

15:03 | 11/06/2013 Industry

(VEN) - The Southeastern region has taken the lead in the field of industry promotion. However, industry promotion activities in Southeastern localities still reveal some limitations. Increasing the budget for industry promotion and boosting cooperation in this field are practical solutions to improve the quality of industry promotion activities in the region.

Data from the Agency for Industrial Promotion (AIP) under the Ministry of Industry and Trade show that the total budget proposed for industry promotion in the Southeastern region in 2013 is VND36.77 billion, up 35 percent compared with the implemented amount of 2012. This included over VND5.32 billion from the national budget for industry promotion, accounting for 9.6 percent of the country’s total, and more than VND31.44 billion from the local budget. Leading localities in terms of the budget for industry promotion include Ba Ria-Vung Tau (VND11.42 billion), Lam Dong (VND8 billion) and Dong Nai (VND6 billion).

According to the leadership of the AIP, raising the budget for industry promotion is one of the important solutions to increase the good impacts of industry promotion on the development of localities in the region. Reality shows that in recent years, industry promotion activities considerably contributed to boosting rural industries in the region. In 2012, through industry promotion projects with total budget of VND27.04 billion, tens of thousands of workers were provided with vocational training and employed; a considerable number of rural industrial businesses were assisted in terms of capital, technology and human resources; localities were assisted to make detailed plans to develop industrial zones for small and medium enterprises in the region.

Some localities in the region have carried out industry promotion activities in creative and effective manners. For example, Lam Dong Province has very well implemented a model that allows businesses to be provided with loans at a higher level compared with the maximum assistance level specified (VND250 million per project). Businesses do not have to pay any interests but refund the loans within three to five years depending on the size of each project.

Ba Ria-Vung Tau and Dong Nai are two provinces where large numbers of businesses are based. Along with offering preferences to rural industrial businesses, the two provinces have actively assisted them in building technical demonstration models as well as investing in equipment and technology, helping them increase productivity and product quality.

However, AIP leaders said that industry promotion activities in the Southeastern region still revealed limitations: industry promotion results have been unequal and proved good in just several localities; most industry promotion projects are small-sized with many contents not conforming to the orientation of the Ministry of Industry and Trade; industry promotion officials in some places remain insufficiently qualified; apart from these, ineffective planning and loose supervision have been other reasons leading to a halt/delay of industry promotion projects in the region.

To overcome these limitations, Southeastern localities have increased the budget for industry promotion in 2013. AIP leaders said they must intensify the dissemination of information about industry promotion and take action to improve the skills of industry promotion officials, develop industry promotion projects on schedule and help businesses overcome difficulties during the implementation process.

Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Nguyen Cam Tu said to improve the quality of industry promotion and promote industrial, trade development in the Southeastern region, it is necessary to tighten the links between localities in order to bring into play the advantages of each locality./.

 Hai Linh