Son La Province residents partial to Vietnamese goods

08:37 | 14/08/2018 Trade

(VEN) - Son La Province has achieved remarkable results in the nearly decade that it has been implementing the Buy Vietnamese Goods campaign.

son la province residents partial to vietnamese goods


Le Quang Trung, deputy director of the Son La Department of Industry and Trade, said that to improve implementation effectiveness, Son La Province has established steering committees and coordinated with the local fatherland front committee to raise consumer awareness. In addition, the province has also organized fairs to bring Vietnamese goods to rural and mountainous areas, providing opportunities for consumers to access and use high-quality Vietnamese goods. Thanks to continued efforts, the Buy Vietnamese Goods campaign in Son La Province has yielded positive results.

The Son La Department of Industry and Trade has coordinated with the local department of agriculture and rural development and the media to create newsletters on maintaining chains of safe agricultural products and seafood. It has also uploaded clips on Vietnam Television and Youtube about the province’s key products such as sturgeon, dried banana and Muong La apple. In addition, the department has directed market surveillance forces to carry out 15 reportages and 52 newscasts on anti-smuggling efforts and consumer protection.

In 2018, the Son La Department of Industry and Trade organized 18 fairs, attracting the participation of nearly 300 businesses, cooperatives and individual households, and about 40,000 visitors. More than 90 percent of Vietnamese goods were available at these fairs, bringing their estimated value of more than VND5 billion.

The So La Department of Industry and Trade has also promoted the establishment of seven points of sales labeled “Proud of Vietnamese Goods”. Vietnamese goods points of sales in Son La Province are located in areas of high population density, where people’s shopping needs are relatively large. In all, Vietnamese goods have received positive response from consumers and points of sales have become reliable shopping destinations. Commodities at the points of sales are required to be domestically produced and diversified in type. In addition, they must meet the standards of quality, food safety and origin.

After nearly three years of implementation, the model of Vietnamese goods points of sales in Son La Province has proven efficient and the province plans its expansion.

Vu Thi Hue, owner of a Vietnamese goods point of sales in Son La City’s Chieng Le Ward, said the rate of Vietnamese goods at her point has increased to 95 percent. She said her point of sales has drawn local residents to buy essential consumer goods, such as milk, noodles and confectionery.

Thanks to continued efforts of the local government and businesses, the rate of Vietnamese goods in the province’s distribution channels has increased to over 80 percent, with local residents said to prefer Vietnamese goods to imported ones.

Promoting provincial specialties

In addition to Vietnamese goods, the Son La Department of Industry and Trade has coordinated with the local departments of agriculture and rural development, to introduce and promote sale of provincial specialties at fairs and exhibitions.

It has also worked with other local departments of industry and trade and large businesses such as Hapro and Vinmart to bring Son La Province’s specialties to modern distribution channels.

Thanks to fairs and exhibitions, and demand-supply connection programs, Son La Province has signed sales contracts for many products such as longan and mango. In addition, the province has called for businesses to invest in local processing industry.

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