Son Doong, a future possible tourism brand image

16:26 | 06/06/2015 Society

(VEN) - Ha Long Bay and the caves of En, Son Doong and Phong Nha-Ke Bang are regarded as globally unique landscapes and Vietnam should consider them key elements in the country’s tourism brand image, said Nguyen Van Tuan, General Director of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism.

Son Doong,  a future possible tourism brand image

Son Doong is regarded as one of the most beautiful caves in the world located in the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park. It was discovered in 1991 by Ho Khanh, a local man, but failed to attract attention until the British Cave Research Association team explored the cave in 2009.
Son Doong Cave measures 200m in width, and over 150m in height, while covering 8.5km in length. It is regarded as the world’s biggest cave, surprising visitors by its giant stalactites and stalagmites formed thousands of years ago. Son Doong Cave, together with the En Cave, shape up part of a more-than-150-cave network in the country.
Ha Long Bay is recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization as a world natural heritage site that has nearly 2,000 beautiful limestone and schist islands scattered in the southeast of Bai Tu Long Bay and the southwest of itself. This is a typical model of a mature karst landscape which was believed to have developed for 250-280 million years, with drowned limestone karst landforms displaying a variety of coastal erosional features.
Islands in Ha Long Bay vary in shape and named after what they look like including Dau Nguoi (man’s head), Rong (dragon), Canh Buom (sail) and Lu Huong (incensory). There are scenic caves and grottoes lurk inside these islands, which have been adorned with legends, including Thien Cung, Dau Go, Sung Sot, Trinh Nu and Tam Cung.
According to Maria Stefanopoulos, Production Manager at ABC News, Good Morning America, the spectacular and unique beauty of Son Doong and En caves presented by Ryan Deebooth via his flycam made her change her mind and decided to replace the Marble Cathedral Cave located in Patagonia, Chile, with Son Doong and En.
The two caves have been well known for visitors to Vietnam and will be able to be used by the tourism sector as part of the country’s national tourism brand efforts, contributing to the sectoral brand positioning. The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism has closely coordinated with Asian partners to make video clips from five seconds to 10 minutes in length to further promote domestic tourism potential to the world, said General Director of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism Nguyen Van Tuan after watching ABC News’ television show on Son Doong and En./.

By Thanh Tam