waste not want not increased eco awareness generates recycling push Waste not, want not: Increased eco awareness generates recycling push

06:00 | 28/11/2021 Environment

(VEN) - Waste can be turned into a resource once it is properly classified and treated, an inevitable direction in the development of an eco-friendly circular economy and one which Vietnam is pursuing energetically.
scaling up the zero waste supply chain model Scaling up the zero-waste supply chain model

13:00 | 13/11/2021 Environment

(VEN) - Numerous multinational brands are increasingly applying a zero-waste supply chain model that reuses plastic bottles and boxes after sterilizing them, instead of discarding or recycling them.
quang ngai sugar jsc embarks on low emission production Quang Ngai Sugar JSC embarks on low emission production

16:00 | 26/10/2021 Environment

(VEN) - The Quang Ngai Sugar Joint Stock Company (QNS) reuses all bagasse, sawdust, rice husk and waste discharged from the sugar production process as fuel for its biomass power plant. In addition, the company’s wastewater treatment system is operated and managed by 4.0 technology, and the plantation of more trees in production areas help bring QNS closer to the goal of becoming a green, low-emission enterprise.
vietnam seeks to deal with solid waste by turning it into power Vietnam seeks to deal with solid waste by turning it into power

07:00 | 26/10/2021 Environment

(VEN) - Localities seeking private investment for waste treatment processes are hopeful about waste-to-energy technology but encountering many hurdles in implementing such models.
all vietnamese supermarkets to use eco friendly bags by 2025 All Vietnamese supermarkets to use eco-friendly bags by 2025

06:00 | 09/10/2021 Environment

(VEN) - By 2025, all commercial centers and supermarkets will use environmentally-friendly packaging and plastic bags and enterprises will play a key role in realizing the target, according to a government directive.
e waste management decree generates mixed business response E-waste management decree generates mixed business response

10:00 | 25/09/2021 Environment

(VEN) - Electronic waste accounts for only two percent of the total amount of solid waste generated, but for 70 percent of hazardous waste that is not handled properly in Vietnam. The 2020 Law on Environmental Protection introducing Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) of manufacturers and importers is expected to improve management of e-waste in Vietnam.
what makes an industrial park clean What makes an industrial park clean?

08:00 | 23/09/2021 Environment

(VEN) - Clean industrial parks (IPs) have been established recently in Hanoi, Hung Yen Province and other localities. Although this is a good signal for sustainable industrial development, Vietnam has yet to adopt relevant standards or announce its policy and regulations for clean IPs.
opportunities and challenges for vietnam Opportunities and challenges for Vietnam

10:00 | 22/09/2021 Environment

(VEN) - Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), a provision of the newly enacted Environmental Protection Law, is expected to be an effective solid waste management tool. It will help Vietnam develop a circular economy and promote the development of the environmental industry, producing jobs and yielding great economic and environmental benefits.
government sets major goals for plastic waste control Government sets major goals for plastic waste control

10:00 | 28/08/2021 Environment

(VEN) - A newly signed governmental decision sets out goals for improved waste management in Vietnam, including the use of environmentally friendly plastic bags and packaging at all supermarkets by 2025. Tourism sites and hotels will not be allowed to use non-biodegradable plastic bags and single-use plastic products by 2025, either.
proposed epr gives impetus to environmental industry development Proposed EPR gives impetus to environmental industry development 

09:00 | 26/08/2021 Environment

(VEN) - Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), a practice and a policy approach that imposes responsibility for product disposal on producers is expected to provide opportunities to share the financial burden of solid waste management and serve as an impetus to the development of Vietnam’s environmental industry.
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