vietnam prepares plans to comply with zero emissions commitment Vietnam prepares plans to comply with zero emissions commitment

13:00 | 23/02/2022 Environment

(VEN) - Government ministries and economic sectors are preparing action plans to implement Vietnam’s commitment to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 made at the global climate summit (COP26) in Glasgow last November. At a follow-up meeting with the national steering committee for realization of Vietnam's COP26 commitments, the prime minister requested that action plans be submitted in the first quarter of 2022.
tetra pak invests in dong tien factory to support the recycling of used cartons Tetra Pak invests in Dong Tien factory to support the recycling of used cartons

14:29 | 21/02/2022 Environment

(Ho Chi Minh City, February 21st 2022) - Tetra Pak, the Sweden-based food processing and packaging solutions company, and Dong Tien Packaging and Paper Co., Ltd have announced a co-investment of 3.5 million euros to upgrade and expand the recycling capacity of used beverage cartons in Vietnam.
plastic pollution is fixable but the world needs a plan Plastic pollution is fixable, but the world needs a plan

17:01 | 14/02/2022 Environment

(VEN) - Many governments and organizations are working hard to deal with plastic waste and pollution. But the problem’s getting worse and efforts aren’t keeping pace. We believe the world needs a UN treaty to truly tackle the issue.
german vietnamese project benefits communities threatened species German-Vietnamese project benefits communities, threatened species

06:00 | 22/01/2022 Environment

(VEN) - A just completed four-year Vietnamese-German project has contributed to strengthening conservation in one of the world’s most significant biodiversity hotspots and helped local communities benefit from sustainable forest and natural resource management, according to Vietnamese and German assessments presented at a recent online conference.  
waste not want not increased eco awareness generates recycling push Waste not, want not: Increased eco awareness generates recycling push

06:00 | 28/11/2021 Environment

(VEN) - Waste can be turned into a resource once it is properly classified and treated, an inevitable direction in the development of an eco-friendly circular economy and one which Vietnam is pursuing energetically.
scaling up the zero waste supply chain model Scaling up the zero-waste supply chain model

13:00 | 13/11/2021 Environment

(VEN) - Numerous multinational brands are increasingly applying a zero-waste supply chain model that reuses plastic bottles and boxes after sterilizing them, instead of discarding or recycling them.
quang ngai sugar jsc embarks on low emission production Quang Ngai Sugar JSC embarks on low emission production

16:00 | 26/10/2021 Environment

(VEN) - The Quang Ngai Sugar Joint Stock Company (QNS) reuses all bagasse, sawdust, rice husk and waste discharged from the sugar production process as fuel for its biomass power plant. In addition, the company’s wastewater treatment system is operated and managed by 4.0 technology, and the plantation of more trees in production areas help bring QNS closer to the goal of becoming a green, low-emission enterprise.
vietnam seeks to deal with solid waste by turning it into power Vietnam seeks to deal with solid waste by turning it into power

07:00 | 26/10/2021 Environment

(VEN) - Localities seeking private investment for waste treatment processes are hopeful about waste-to-energy technology but encountering many hurdles in implementing such models.
all vietnamese supermarkets to use eco friendly bags by 2025 All Vietnamese supermarkets to use eco-friendly bags by 2025

06:00 | 09/10/2021 Environment

(VEN) - By 2025, all commercial centers and supermarkets will use environmentally-friendly packaging and plastic bags and enterprises will play a key role in realizing the target, according to a government directive.
e waste management decree generates mixed business response E-waste management decree generates mixed business response

10:00 | 25/09/2021 Environment

(VEN) - Electronic waste accounts for only two percent of the total amount of solid waste generated, but for 70 percent of hazardous waste that is not handled properly in Vietnam. The 2020 Law on Environmental Protection introducing Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) of manufacturers and importers is expected to improve management of e-waste in Vietnam.
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