vietnam international travel mart 2021 to take place in hanoi Vietnam International Travel Mart 2021 to take place in Hanoi

13:00 | 08/04/2021 Culture & Tourism

The Vietnam International Travel Mart (VITM 2021), themed “New Normal - New Opportunities”, is expected to take place from May 5-8 in the capital city of Hanoi.
german vietnamese enjoy easter celebration in hcmc German, Vietnamese enjoy Easter celebration in HCMC

16:00 | 02/04/2021 Culture & Tourism

(VEN) - Hundreds of German expats and families living in Vietnam as well as Vietnamese friends enjoyed a fun day in HCMC last Saturday at the Easter celebrations organized by the German Consulate General.
unique white horse festival in lang son province Unique white horse festival in Lang Son Province

10:00 | 28/03/2021 Culture & Tourism

(VEN) - A new attraction has sprung up in recent years in the northern province of Lang Son - a white horse fighting festival.
buffalo fighting an ancient tradition preserved Buffalo fighting: An ancient tradition preserved

06:00 | 28/03/2021 Culture & Tourism

(VEN) - The buffalo has long been a close friend of Vietnam’s farmers, as reflected in the saying, “buffalo goes first, plow follows”. In many villages, however, buffalo are also known for their powerful fighting performances and the luck they are believed to bring spectators.
yes we khen Yes we Khen

06:00 | 21/03/2021 Culture & Tourism

(VEN) - Those visiting the ancient town of Dong Van in Ha Giang Province on the Lunar New Year will hear the plaintive sounds of the Khen echoing over the mountains and forests along the Vietnam-China border emanating from the Mong Panpipe Festival. 
the pi le trumpet the sounds of dao life The Pi Le trumpet: The sounds of Dao life

06:00 | 20/03/2021 Culture & Tourism

(VEN) - Along with Nem drums, cymbals and gongs, the Pi Le trumpet is an important musical instrument in the religious and cultural life of the Dao people. It is the sound of mountains and forests, and also the call of the Dao people in spring. During the Tet Lunar New Year holiday, the sound of the trumpet reminds people to preserve their original identities.
the attraction of ponagar temple tower The attraction of Ponagar Temple Tower

06:00 | 09/03/2021 Culture & Tourism

(VEN) - Despite the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, the relic complex of the Ponagar Temple Towers in the southcentral coastal city of Nha Trang is always busy, daily welcoming more than 500 tourists and local residents who come to visit the goddess Thien Y A Na.
stunning winter trips in vietnam Stunning winter trips in Vietnam

06:00 | 08/03/2021 Culture & Tourism

(VEN) - The cold winds of winter beckon tourists to Vietnam’s north and its Central Highlands.
vietnam taps domestic tourism as vehicle to drive industry recovery Vietnam taps domestic tourism as vehicle to drive industry recovery

06:00 | 07/03/2021 Culture & Tourism

(VEN) - Vietnam expected to welcome over 20 million foreign visitors in 2020 as per the Politburo’s target. The year got off to a promising start with two million foreign visitors in January, but the ensuing eruption of the Covid-19 pandemic inflicted heavy losses on the global tourism market, and on Vietnam’s, too. The domestic tourism market was also seriously affected after two outbreaks of the pandemic. 
american physicist falls for kieu immerses himself in vietnamese culture American physicist falls for Kieu, immerses himself in Vietnamese culture

16:00 | 01/03/2021 Culture & Tourism

(VEN) - American Jaipal Kenneth Tuttle, who holds a doctorate in physics, found his true calling after coming to Vietnam for a vacation in 1998.
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