Social security premium dodge increases

12:31 | 23/10/2016 Society

(VEN) - According to the Vietnam Social Security, the country currently has around 500,000 businesses in operation. Of which, 200,000 businesses have paid social security premiums.

Social security premium dodge increases

Premium evasion has harmed workers’ legitimate rights and interests

Harming worker’s rights

Dodging social, health and unemployment insurance premiums has happened in almost all localities throughout the country. Many businesses have deliberately delayed in paying premiums or used premiums for other purposes. In particular, some businesses have illegally sold their factories and assets to others in order to dodge premium. As a result, new owners have denied responsibility to pay for employees’ insurance.

Premium evasion has caused serious consequences. It has not only negatively affected the insurance fund but also harmed workers’ legitimate rights and interests. In addition, the evasion has led to a fall in the strictness of the law.

In addition to being not fully aware of their responsibility, a number of employers have not closely observed social security law, especially in non-state sectors. Trade unions have not bravely protected their members’ rights. Workers, who are afraid of losing their job, have not dared to fight for themselves.

Strengthening inspection

Vietnam Social Security Deputy Director General Tran Dinh Lieu said that in addition to the initiative for the social insurance sector, it is necessary to emphasize the role of ministries, departments and local governments in dealing with social insurance evasion. In particular, Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee, Vietnam General Confederation of Labor, Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, Government Inspectorate of Vietnam and Vietnam Social Security need to strengthen cooperation to inspect the implementation of social security law.

The Vietnam Social Security will promote propaganda in order to raise the awareness of party committees, local governments, organizations, trade unions, employers and employees about the importance of social, health and unemployment insurance.

It is also important to strengthen inspection and reporting violations to party committees, local governments and state management agencies, publicize businesses and social insurance dodging organizations, promote administrative procedure reforms, enhance the application of information technology in social insurance management and create conditions favorable for businesses to access social, health and unemployment insurance.

Vietnam Social Security Deputy Director General Tran Dinh Lieu:

Agencies have made great efforts to prevent insurance evasion. However, the achievements have not met expectation.


Bao Thoa