So long plastic waste in Ha Long Bay: Province boosts cleanup operations

13:00 | 18/08/2020 Environment

(VEN) - Authorities in the northeastern coastal province of Quang Ninh have launched a plastic waste reduction effort directed at residents and specifically fishermen to clean up the sea and island areas.

so long plastic waste in ha long bay province boosts cleanup operations
Representative of Ha Long City’s Women's Union distributes biodegradable bags to fishermen in Ha Phong Ward

Quang Ninh has been implementing specific programs to clean up the environment by promoting green growth in the Ha Long Bay area and banning plastic waste generating activities in its waters. In mid-July, the Women's Union of Ha Long City cooperated with the Center for Conservation of Marine Life and Community Development (MCD) on a program to minimize plastic waste and clean up the marine environment.

The project included dissemination of information about the origin of plastic and plastic products in daily life; the dangers of plastic waste to human health and the environment; and specific, suitable solutions to be implemented by the local women's movement. These include ideas that families can adopt, such as classifying rubbish, dumping garbage on time and at the right place; bringing hand-baskets to the market to avoid the use of plastic bags; saying “no” to disposable plastic products; and using recycled, environmentally friendly products.

Authorities are also addressing the problem of plastic waste generated in localities with rapid tourism growth. In Co To District, for example, the Urban Environment Joint Stock Company has increased waste collection to twice daily, ensuring that waste is collected on time, quickly and efficiently.

In a study assessing the state of plastic waste management in Co To Town, more than 63 percent of respondents said they were interested in media information about the impact of plastic waste and 92 percent believe that plastic waste seriously affects human health. However, only 43 percent know about the harmful effects of plastic waste on marine life. Some respondents even said marine creatures are not affected by plastic waste because the ocean is vast and they cannot be harmed.

In order to reduce plastic waste, Quang Ninh is weighing measures such as limiting the use of disposable plastic products and nylon bags; supporting waste classification at source for businesses and households; improving the efficiency of plastic recycling; disseminating information about the 3R method (reducing, reusing, recycling); and integrating communication campaigns with coastal cleanup activities to raise people's awareness effectively.

Ha Long City Women's Union has presented biodegradable bags to shoppers and fishermen who pledged to

reduce plastic waste in the marine environment and clean the Bay and their living environment.

Thu Huong