Smart grid installed for southern provinces

09:50 | 23/10/2017 Industry

(VEN) - The Southern Power Corporation (EVNSPC) has installed a control center in Ho Chi Minh City that supervises, optimizes and manages power generation and transmission in order to monitor and control the medium- and low-voltage grids in 21 southern provinces.

smart grid installed for southern provinces

Digitizing the power system

The EVNSPC currently manages about 200 110kV transformer stations and tens of thousands of kilometers of transmission lines. In the past, whenever a power failure occurred, technicians had to manually scan and correct the problems.

Thanks to the SCADA DMS new control center, technicians can monitor electricity transmission from afar and see such elements as voltage, current and capacity, contributing to the safe operation of the power grid. SCADA also informs management units of power failures in order to help them work out solutions.

Nguyen Phuoc Quy Hai, director of the main control center, said the system also detects and warns of transient incidents, helping to eliminate faults faster without going to the field, especially in bad weather conditions.

Reducing people on duty

Ho Quang Ai, deputy general director of the EVNSPC, said SCADA consists of a core system (MCC), a backup system (BCC) and 43 remote consoles. As of now, nearly 170 transformer stations have been connected through the system.

SCADA is also connected to the Southern Regional Load Dispatch Center to share data and implement load dispatch when required.

The EVNSPC plans to develop a smarter SCADA system in the second phase. The new system is programmed to automatically cut off the electricity when power failure occurs, contributing to reducing the number of people on duty at transformer stations and improving labor productivity.

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