Skypec reaches new heights

15:48 | 22/10/2019 Companies

(VEN) - As a leading aviation fuel supplier in Vietnam, the Vietnam Air Petrol Company Limited (Skypec) has continuously expanded its operation network, modernized management and improved service quality since it was renamed three years plus ago, to meet the Vietnamese aviation market’s development demand.

skypec reaches new heights
Refueling at an airport

Skypec has been highly rated into-plane service, competitive prices, and on-time performance, sufficient supply of Jet A-1 fuel. Skypec has become a leading fuel supplier for International Airlines and all domestic in Vietnam.

Skypec has procured and upgraded four modern laboratories in international airports, standard ISO/IEC 17025: 2017 to the ASTM international standard. The company has become a strategic partner of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and is applying AFQRJOS standard - the latest version of JIG for Jet A-1 quality control.

To meet the increasing development demand of the aviation market, especially the domestic one, Skypec has been constantly innovating to provide customers with the best services - safe and high quality services and on-time performance. Skypec has done a series of consistent solutions, including investment in infrastructure, technical equipment, modern facilities, large capacity storage depots, and modern fueling vehicles; establishment of monitoring and operation centers; and application of scientific and technical achievements to management and exploitation activities, smart monitoring systems, GPS and cameras, and digitized filling trucks to ensure Skypec's safe, efficient fuel supply that meets IATA’s international standards and customers’ increasingly sophisticated requirements.

The company attaches great importance to improvement of management, human resources and industrial processes and regulations. The company's key personnel are regularly sent abroad for training, and they attend international forums on aviation fuel quality management, while the company regularly updates on and complies with the latest international standards on fuel quality management. Skypec also organizes training courses in fuel quality management and system operation, lectured by world leading experts, for company's employees.

The company will continue to maintain and promote its core values - safety, professional, efficiency, reliability, and operation for the community. Skypec will focus on developing infrastructure; modernize facilities and equipment; promote and improve technological investment in production and business management and administration; strengthen business ethics; implement employer-employee behavior rules; and improve fuel filling service quality through standardizing component services to ensure customer satisfaction and trust, maintain the company’s leading position and reach sustainable development.

Skypec has been providing fuel to all domestic airlines and nearly 100 foreign airlines at 18 airports across Vietnam,

almost two million tonnes of fuel for about 214,000 flights per year, an annual growth rate of 10 percent plus.

Huong Ha