Six steps to take care of your car in winter

16:10 | 27/11/2015 Society

Checking tire pressure, battery, cooling/lighting system, electronic equipments… should be a habit when owning a car. Those are also recommended by Mercedes-Benz technical experts in Haxaco Hanoi (6 Lang Ha) when the winter is coming.

Six steps to take care of your car in winter

Through the “Free winter car-check” program launched between the 16th and 28th of Novemer, 2015, Haxaco Hanoi aims to provide the best caring services to its customers. In addition, a 10% discount on spare parts as well as appealing gifts are offered to Mercedes owners visiting the dealer.

Tire pressure checking + tire maintenance

Lower temperature also means faster lowering tire pressure compared to normal temp, which resulted in worse fuel consumption rate and tire damage.


Ensuring the battery is fully charged and can be replaced in anytime if necessary. When the battery is dying (which can be seen through interior’s lighting/equipment), owners should ask for help immediately.

Braking system

Brake pads and brake discs need to be regularly checked in winter for optimal safety. ABS, BAS, ASR, ESP need to be checked prior to winter.

Cooling and lighting system

Lower temperature, high humidity, longer night, more fogs in winter mean the car’s lighting system needs to work harder, which ask for more trouble if not being taken care of regularly. The engine cooling system should also be fixed and refilled.

Windshield wipers

Winter weather obviously asks for harder wiper work with fogs and regular rain. Frame/rubber maintenance as well as genuine windshield washer fluid should help tremendously in ensuring perfect vision in all driving conditions.

Heating system

After a long sleep in summer, on-car heating system needs to be checked and cleaned prior to winter to ensure good operation in cold weather./.


Source: autonet