Silk village moves toward sustainable development

16:22 | 28/08/2016 Society

(VEN) - The nearly-a-millennium-old silk village of Van Phuc in Hanoi’s Ha Dong District has adopted various solutions to boost its renowned handicraft but is now threatened by a lack of skilled workforce and production site.

Silk village moves toward sustainable development

Tourists to Van Phuc Silk Village

The village is focusing on a number of sustainable development solutions including building material areas, training workers, promoting local silk products at national and international levels and developing the village into an attractive tourist destination.

According to Chairman of the Van Phuc Silk Weaving Village Association Pham Khac Ha, the key for successful preservation and development of the village is to secure raw materials. Van Phuc Village is still short of raw materials despite having current silk suppliers from Bao Loc and Ha Nam. Understanding the importance of it, the village is focusing in R&D to build up an area for mulberry and silkworm and a processing factory to produce high quality silk.

The village also intensively invests in skilled workforce as this is a crucial element to boost the craft.

The high-quality silk center in Van Phuc has attracted a growing number of consumers

This year, the Van Phuc Silk Weaving Village Association planned to cooperate with the Economic Division under the Van Phuc Ward People’s Committee to offer fashion design courses for villagers. There are now some 20 highly educated young villagers who are eager for the craft. The association will have incentives for eight silk-weaving artisans who are wholeheartedly instructing young silk weavers.

According to experts, Van Phuc silk product promotion should be boosted nationally and internationally. In early September 2015, first silk products were introduced at the Vietnam Day event in the Austrian capital of Vienna. Europeans, including demanding consumers, designers and models, are fascinated with the products

To continue expanding its international integration, silk-weaving families have invested in silk patterns and weaving looms. Particularly, Van Phuc established a high-quality silk center in early 2015 to sell the original and certified products.

Chairman of the Van Phuc Silk Weaving Village Association Pham Khac Ha said, “Van Phuc is building the Ha Dong Silk brand which will be used as logo on all silk products of the village, with a view to making local silk products more unique among other alternatives in the market. A good brand identity will help to secure the market for our products.”


Thanh Tam