Significant progress in capital city’s rural modernization

09:31 | 03/06/2020 Society

(VEN) - Hanoi continues its drive to transform its rural areas into modern communes with upgraded infrastructure and sufficient jobs to alleviate poverty and improve residents’ quality of life. So far, 356 of the capital city’s 386 communes (over 92 percent) have achieved new-style rural area status, with 11 of them recognized as advanced new-style rural areas.

significant progress in capital citys rural modernization
Growing improvement of rural infrastructure

Communes exceed targets

By 2025, all of the city’s districts and communes are scheduled to meet new rural area standards, with at least two of six relevant districts and 30 percent of the total communes meeting advanced rural area standards, and 15 percent of the total achieving model rural area status.

In addition, targets have been achieved one year ahead of schedule in terms of the number of communes meeting new rural area standards, average income, poverty rate and the percentage of residents participating in medical insurance schemes. The results of Hanoi’s new rural development have thus exceeded the national average.

Over the past decade, some VND76.4 trillion have been mobilized for this ambitious undertaking. The city budget contributed VND26 trillion, the district over VND32.2 trillion and the commune budget over VND3.4 trillion. In addition to the funding supported by the state budget, the city has also mobilized community, individuals, businesses and households to build new rural areas with a total budget of more than VND14.7 trillion, accounting for 19.3 percent of the total program budget. Citizens themselves donated over VND7.2 trillion of the sum.

In the first quarter of 2020, despite the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, program targets have been met. According to Nguyen Van Chi, Deputy Chief of Hanoi’s Coordination Office on New Rural Development, in the first quarter of 2020, the city vetted the progress of four communes on achieving new rural style standards. All four were found eligible for recognition as new style and advanced new style rural areas.

Land regrouping, production optimization

The Hanoi Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has been advising the city on how to continue maintaining and improving the quality of new-style rural standards, especially in the fields of health, education, culture, environment and income.

In terms of the “One commune, one product” (OCOP) program, the city’s Product Evaluation Council organized a review and ranking of 301 products. Six were found to have five-star potential, 207 products reached four stars and 88 products reached three stars. In terms of land regrouping and granting certificates of agricultural land use rights, the whole city has implemented regrouping of 79,454.3ha of land, granted 617,964 of 622,861 certificates of agricultural land use rights (99.21 percent) after the regrouping of lands and converted 40,227.5ha after land regrouping into other production, higher efficiency models.

The Hanoi Department of Agriculture and Rural Development also plans to coordinate with relevant departments, agencies and people’s committees to not only restructure agricultural production but also accelerate rural industry 2020 growth to about 4.04 percent compared to 2019. In addition, the city not only continues to create conditions for all economic sectors to invest in agriculture, it is also striving to improve the efficiency of production and of collective economic sectors. Also on the agenda is the organization of cooperation in production, processing and consumption of agricultural products, investment promotion and agricultural products advertisement, and stepped up production models according to value chains.

Moreover, the department also continues to coordinate with relevant departments, branches and localities to promote information in order to raise awareness and responsibility of state officials, party members and people in overcoming difficulties and accomplishing the goal of having 15 added communes meeting the new rural area standard and 10 communes meeting the new advanced rural area standard.

Hanoi is encouraging all economic sectors to invest in rural infrastructure, especially in the fields of environment, waste and wastewater treatment, and clean water supply. In addition, the city is focusing on poverty reduction, vocational training and job creation for farmers.

Nguyen Hanh