Sightseeing tour in Co Co River

16:26 | 02/04/2015 Society

In a beautiful spring afternoon, 72-year-old Le Van Hiep rows a boat to take me around in a sightseeing tour along the snaking Lo Canh Giang River, known by local people as Co Co (stork’s neck) River.

Sightseeing tour in Co Co River

A man rows a boat on Co Co River

The river runs through Ngu Hanh Son District, Danang City. It is around 13 kilometers long, 200 meters wide and around three meters deep.

Along the river banks are paddy fields and far away is Ngu Hanh Son Mountains, standing out against a blue-sky background, reflecting its beauty on the peaceful river and creating a breathtaking scene.

The view around the Co Co River turns most stunning in the spring-summer rice crop as it is the time when lotus and water-lily blossom nearby the green paddy fields.

Pointing at those fields, Hiep said when the paddies are still young and green, local people would gather to catch fish early in the morning. “The images of rustic farmers catching fish are deep in the memories of the people here,” he said.

After mooring the boat, Hiep took me to Khue Bac Communal House, which was built during the reign of King Thieu Tri  (1841-1847), and Huong Son Pagoda.

When it comes to the Quan The Am (the Goddess of Mercy) Festival, which falls on the 19th of the second lunar month, people would gather at Ngu Hanh Son to watch flower garlands and colored lanterns in the Co Co River, along with the traditional boat race, as well as dragon and kylin dances.

To enjoy the romantic and stunning view along the river, you should ask local people for a ride or hire a boat to move along the river to indulge in the stunning natural landscapes and let yourselves be free in nature, impressive mountains, cool water and breezes.

Huong Son Pagoda

Khue Bac Communal House


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