Siemens to expand operations in Vietnam

16:56 | 12/11/2015 Companies

(VEN) - Siemens AG President and Chief Executive Officer Joe Kaeser said on a recent visit to Vietnam that “Siemens is committed to further expanding its business in Vietnam with a long-term development strategy covering a range of fields such as energy, healthcare, building technology, and internet of things” in a talk with Vietnam Economic News’ Nguyen Huong.

Siemens to expand operations in Vietnam

What is the role of Vietnam in Siemens’ business development strategy? What cooperation prospects has Siemens seen in the country?

Siemens has been present in Vietnam since the 1990s. We have participated in many successful infrastructure projects in Vietnam. Vietnam is a market with great potential. The Vietnamese economy has rapidly developed in recent years. Having advantages in terms of technology, we have found many business opportunities in the Vietnamese market, especially in fields where Vietnam needs help. For example, Siemens can assist Vietnam in dealing with electricity-related matters through providing high-efficiency gas turbines for power plants in the country.

Visiting Vietnam this time, I met leaders of the Electricity of Vietnam Group, and the Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group. We agreed to promote cooperation to a new height in fields such as training human resources for the electricity sector, power-grid optimization, and identified the potential for cooperation in local production.

Siemens also has plans to supply Vietnam with products in the field of oil and gas as well as chemicals, fertilizer, and oil refining.

Does Siemens have any plan for increasing investment in Vietnam?

Currently we have a factory in the southern part of Binh Duong Province. We are exploring the potential of the Vietnamese market and if necessary, we will possibly build a new factory. Siemens technologies have contributed about 14 percent to energy resources in Vietnam. We hope this contribution will increase in the near future.

Investment in research and development (R&D) is important to large groups like Siemens. Will Siemens establish an R&D center in Vietnam?

R&D is an important matter of great concern to Siemens. Vietnam has a rapidly developing information technology sector with highly-skilled engineers. We have thought of building an R&D center in Vietnam and are carrying out surveys to implement this plan.

In the ASEAN region, we have chosen Vietnam to establish a center to provide assistance for Siemens’ power plant projects in Asia and the Middle East. Therefore, Vietnamese workers will have opportunities to be trained and work in one of the most complicated high-tech industries: gas and steam turbine power plants. This center has trained 15 Vietnamese engineers and the number will increase in the years to come.

We have also cooperated with many technical universities in Vietnam to help produce a highly qualified workforce. We will continue boosting this cooperation in the future.

Nguyen Huong