Sheng Long Bio-tech International Co. Ltd.: Success comes from the proper strategy

14:31 | 31/12/2017 Companies

(VEN) - By enhancing innovative solutions and improving the sale methods, the Sheng Long Bio-tech International Co. Ltd. has achieved a breakthrough in the Vietnamese food industry when it ranked third among top food producers. 

sheng long bio tech international co ltd success comes from the proper strategy

Standing firm in Vietnam before expanding the export market

Established with 100 percent foreign direct investment (FDI) capital in the Duc Hoa I IZ (Duc Hoa District, Long An Province) in 2003, Sheng Long has invested in a closed food chain with various food types, aquaculture breeds, environment treatment products, and animal health products under technical support.

In 2011, Sheng Long underwent comprehensive reform by streamlining all teams, improving quality and brand name, and re-arranging the business network. After five years of restructure, Sheng Long, which overcame the challenges of the grey economic picture at that time, has grown 10 times and ranked among the top three biggest shrimp producers in Vietnam, particularly taking first place in some regions of Vietnam.

Currently, not only investing in manufacturing in Long An, Sheng Long also has companies in Khanh Hoa and Binh Duong provinces, with total production capacity of about 300,000 tonnes per year. Especially, under the circumstance that the global climate is changing and the farming environment is getting worse, while the demand for high-quality breeds is increasing, the company has decided to build three hatcheries in the provinces of Ninh Thuan, Thua Thien – Hue and Tien Giang.

In addition to domestic food trade, Sheng Long food has also joined the aquacultural food markets in Malaysia, India, Oman, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Madagascar and the Middle East. Also, the company opened branches in two important markets - Malaysia and India.

Success comes from the proper strategy

Sheng Long has passed through the big restructuring starting with a change and selection of good employees and identifying a direction - “Clients’ success is a guideline for our business strategy”. Therefore, Sheng Long has carefully considered each step in order to bring about the best effectiveness for not only itself but also its partners and customers.

“We always think that food production requires not only good quality but also the great partnership between producers and farmers, closely interacting together in every single farm. Although agencies have tried to promote sales, the products can absolutely not be sold if farmers do not want to use. With this in mind, Sheng Long has devised a strategy to produce high-quality and useful products, while at the same time applying new technology to support farmers. The company has also joined the sustainable shrimp farming chain, set up technical service stations to provide free tests in shrimp and fish farms over the country,” said the company director.

Besides, to maintain and improve product quality, the company often and sends samples of its products and those from the markets to quality control and management authorities inside and outside Vietnam, or to the Research Center of the Olam Group for testing and assessment.

Notably, Sheng Long has applied new advanced technologies in both Vietnam and other countries, such as nursing and feeding shrimp at the early stage using the Biofloc technology, combining shrimp and fish feeding, using a new storage method and providing supporting services like building technical service stations, sending technical assistants to farms, and show farmers new techniques. This is why the company has offered the best quality products.

Especially, with its experience in the service sector and much time concentrating on studying shrimp farming, Sheng Long has withdrawn a lesson of five good solutions for shrimp farming, including good breeds, good feed, good technical model and good services that would together lead to a good result. Currently, the company is actively expanding this model to help famers overcome the most difficult period of shrimp farming.

According to the director, the fast growth of Sheng Long has been achieved thanks to the timely and strong support in terms of technical services from the Research Center under the Hai Dai Group. In the near future, Sheng Long will continue to promote this effective model to other shrimp farming regions in order to bring more benefits for farmers/breeders.

The current development of Sheng Long is a strong statement for a success from the proper strategy. With the respect and early focus on high-skilled labor, the company has had the most professional and notable staff in this field, while its technique advantage is gradually performed, creating motivation for rapid development of Sheng Long in the future.

Toan Minh