Seminar showcases Cuba’s socio-economic model

11:36 | 30/03/2016 Cooperation

Cuba’s experiences with reform were highlighted at a seminar held by the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences and the Cuban Embassy in Vietnam on March 25 in Hanoi.

Seminar showcases Cuba’s socio-economic model

Mariel port in Cuba (Credit: Reuters)

Academy Vice Chairman Pham Van Duc spoke about the close relations between Vietnam and Cuba, and efforts made by the two countries to promote reform.

He affirmed that Cuba’s experiences over the last five years are helpful for Vietnam’s ongoing reform process.

The seminar marks the beginning of the co-operation programme between the academy and the embassy, Duc said.

Cuban speaker Ruvislei Gonzalez Saez briefed participants on Cuba’s socio-economic model, the country’s present economic situation and its preparation for new prospects.

According to Ruvislei, Cuba has suffered losses due to economic embargoes. The country decided to cut social allowances and raise the working age to 60 for women and 65 for men, aiming to deal with an aging population. Reorganisation of ministries and sectors were also promoted.

Like Vietnam, Cuba devised and took a series of measures to reform its agriculture and open the door for private companies. It also acknowledged the need for expansion of trade and monetary relations with other countries.

Human development has been a key priority for Cuba in recent years, Ruvislei said, asserting his country’s judicious orientations in its renewal process./.


Source: NDO/VNA