Seminar seeks to promote science and technology in northern mountainous region

14:41 | 14/05/2018 Science - Technology

The Ministry of Science and Technology in coordination with the People's Committee of Lao Cai province held a seminar on developing science and technology in the Northern midland and mountainous region in the context of the fourth industrial revolution in Lao Cai province on May 10.

Delegates visit a pavilion at the seminar which showcases products applying science and technology in production

The event saw the presence of Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Tran Van Tung, Vice President of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology Phan Van Kiem, and representatives of 14 Northern midland and mountainous provinces.

Delegates discussed and proposed solutions to successfully approach achievements from the fourth industrial revolution which can be applied to each province and the entire region in order to achieve socio-economic development objectives.

Deputy Minister Tran Van Tung said that the Northern midlands and mountainous region faces more difficulties than other economic regions because it has poor infrastructure, its terrain is divided by hills and mountains, and it is constantly affected by natural disasters. Thus, access to the fourth industrial revolution should take into account the specific situations of certain localities.

At the event, participants also shared the models of the application of science and technology in agriculture, information technology, and herbal plantations, and gave opinions to help localities to successfully approach the achievements of the fourth industrial revolution, thereby utilising the potential and advantages of each locality and the whole region.

Dr. Nguyen Vo Hung from the Ministry of Science and Technology suggested that the Northern midlands and mountains region should identify and select the sectors and value chain that localities can participate in based on local comparative advantages, especially in agriculture and tourism, while encouraging the participation and cooperation of all takeholders, especially enterprises and research institutes.

Theo NDO