SeAH Steel Vina expanding

09:43 | 12/11/2015 Economy

(VEN) - “We want to expand our factory in Dong Nai Province in the near future and we are looking for a place near the current one”, said Hyung- Kun Nam, President of SeAH Steel Vina Corp., in the interview with Vietnam Economic News’ My Phung, Nam also spoke more about favorable investment conditions in Dong Nai that have facilitated SeAH’s success in Vietnam.

SeAH Steel Vina expanding

Could you brief the SeAH Steel Vina Corp’s activities in Vietnam and Dong Nai in particular?

The SeAH Steel Vina Corp., a leader in the steel pipe industry and a mainstay of national infrastructure, plays an important role in economic development in Vietnam  and Dong Nai in particular. Our factory was established in 1998 in Dong Nai. We have been successful so far.

SeAH Steel was the first in Vietnam to export steel pipes to the US and Japan. Then, we expanded successfully our global presence to countries including Australia and Japan, winning a reputation in the world market and improving the globalization of the domestic steel industry.

Around 70 percent of our products are exported and 30 percent are sold in Vietnam. We hope that our domestic market share and sales will increase year by year.

What conditions in Dong Nai that are favorable for SeAH’s investment?

Vietnam is a safe country due to stable politics and young population luring foreign investors. For Dong Nai, the province is a potential investment destination for FDI companies with good support from the local government.  This place has advantage of good location that connects well to neighboring southern cities and provinces. Moreover, infrastructure here is improving greatly supporting our logistics. And power supply for our production is stable.

Fortunately, we have a stable labor force with 300 staff who have stayed with us for a long time. With provincial advantages, we believe that Dong Nai will still be attractive to foreign investors in the years to come.

Can you reveal SeAH’s prominence and differences in this industry?

SeAH Steel Vina, with the biggest production capacity of 170,000 tonnes in Vietnam, produces steel pipe products of world-class quality. SeAH Steel Vina has produced API 5L Line Pipe and Oil Country Tubular Goods since March 2009.

Our main products are Carbon Steel Pipes for Ordinary Piping, Carbon Steel Pipes for pressure service, Conduit Tubes, Carbon Steel Tubes for Structural Purpose, API Lines Pipe and Oil Country Tubular Goods.

SeAH’s products are distributed and used nationwide for projects such as buildings, trade centers, hotels, hospitals, oil and gas, infrastructure, structures, factories, airports, ports, thermoelectric plants and hydroelectric plants. 

We are one of the leading companies in this industry getting many standard certifications from the UK, the Republic of Korea, Japan and the US.

At SeAH, we focus on R & D and training of high-qualified human resources that will continue to improve the production quality.

We always commit to customer satisfaction as first standards.

What has SeAH contributed to the local community?

 SeAH acknowledges its  responsibility for the community where we invest. Hence, we offer scholarships for students at universities, colleges and high schools in Dong Nai every year. We established a scholarship foundation three years ago that has helped good students improve study.  We also want to expand CSR activities next year like building free houses for the poor.


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