Scientists welcome more financial freedom

10:24 | 21/03/2016 Science - Technology

(VEN) - A new joint circular on state budget funding packages for scientific projects officially took effect from February 15.

Scientists welcome more financial freedom

Scientists will have to return 40 to 100 percent of allocated state funding if failing to meeting their commitments

According to the joint circular, the state will only place scientific orders and focus on the acceptance of final products. Scientists can choose either whole or partial budget package for their product development.

The whole budget package will be applied to well-defined scientific products with specified name, quality indicators, units of measure, level of quality or scientific requirements, scale or quantity, application address and total estimated expenses on repair and purchase of assets of less than VND1 billion. Meanwhile, the partial budget package will be used to cover wage payments, workshop organization expenditure and domestic scientific task expenses, excluding purchase of fuel, materials and spare parts without economic and technical norms as well as repair and purchase of fixed assets.

According to experts, the joint circular has access to market mechanisms in terms of management, investment and use of the state budget in the field of scientific research and encourage scientists to create valuable products ordered by the state, while maintaining the principles of financial management.

Scientific researchers have welcomed the new regulations, believing it should facilitate scientific study under the new mechanism. Scientists only need to submit the final results meeting the defined criteria and requirements and the whole project will be accepted. Dr. Nguyen Hong Phuong from the Institute of Geophysics said “Now we can wholeheartedly just focus on scientific studies”.

According to Minister of Science and Technology Nguyen Quan, Following the receipt of orders, it will be entirely up to the scientists to determine how to approach the project, which also means they will incur any risks. In addition, estimating the costs for a scientific project will also considered as a challenge for scientists. Scientists have to return 40 to 100 percent of allocated state funding if they fail to meet their commitments, with this measure intended to curb the wastage that has been in seen in previous state-sponsored projects.

Around VND3.5 trillion is spent on scientific research every year, while only about 10 percent of the results applied in production and business.


Hong Duong