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Science, technology ensure growth quality

14:40 | 14/08/2017 Science - Technology

(VEN) - Application of science and technology is one of the strategic solutions for restructuring the industry and trade sector to achieve industrialization, modernization and sustainable development.

science technology ensure growth quality

The project on applying science and technology for restructuring the industry and trade sector focuses on accelerating technology transfer. The project aims to ensure growth quality, improve productivity and product quality and increase the competitiveness of the industry and trade sector as well as businesses in the market in order to catch up with opportunities provided by the fourth industrial revolution.

By 2025, the project targets to supply scientific and practical arguments in support of the development, adjustment and perfection of mechanisms and policies to promote the restructuring of the industrial sector and strengthen international economic integration, while studying the regulations on trade and investment in order to support the development of the industry and trade sector and promoting the exchange of information and technology transfer.

Effectively raising resources to increase technology content, improving labor productivity and the contribution of total factor productivity (TFP), and implementing a roadmap for renewing technologies in the direction of using clean and efficient technologies are also mentioned.

The project also aims to increase the high-tech industrial production value to 40-45 percent of total industrial production value, create new services with high added value, meet 45-50 percent of demand for high-tech products essential for domestic production and consumption, promote innovation and improve management capacity, pilot three to five technology transfer models, apply new inventions and technological improvement solutions for each sector.

Comprehensively developing and gradually modernizing the domestic market and distribution system, implementing pilot models, providing policy solutions and techniques to promote e-commerce, and supplying modern business models based on the technological foundation of the fourth industrial revolution are needed.

By 2030, the project mentions to comprehensive deployment of mechanisms and policies, management solutions and technical measures to promote the application and transfer of science and technology in industrial production sectors. In addition, significantly increasing the contribution of science and technology to growth of the industrial sector and creating a strong change in the process of restructuring the industry and trade sector are required.

The application of science and technology for restructuring the industry and trade sector is given priority to pilot manufacturing projects, science and technology schemes and those on producing export products and consumer goods that Vietnam has a competitive advantage and high added value.

Thanh Tam