Denmark appreciates Vietnam’s efforts against climate change

09:45 | 07/11/2013 Science - Technology

(VEN) - The climate change program had achieved important results in Vietnam, providing directions for improving the understanding of climate change, raising forces and improving Vietnam’s position in international arenas, said Danish Ambassador to Vietnam John Nielsen.
Forestry sector targets greenhouse emission reduction

09:32 | 01/11/2013 Science - Technology

(VEN) - To realize its international commitments about greenhouse gas emission reductions in the forestry sector, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) is calling for sponsorships for programs and projects in the 2013-2015 period, such as the restoration and sustainable management of the mangrove forests and preservation of forests in border areas project and the Greenhouse gas emission reduction program.
Seven important solutions to protect the environment

15:15 | 21/10/2013 Science - Technology

(VEN) - The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment recently organized a workshop on the implementation of Government Resolution 35/NQ-CP on some pressing issues in the field of environmental protection where seven important solutions were mentioned. The proposals received a positive response from participants.
Dealing with pollution in Izs

15:23 | 18/10/2013 Science - Technology

(VEN) - On September 18, in Hanoi, the Vietnam Environment Administration organized a workshop to collect opinions on the draft National Environment Report 2013.
Mineral resource management: Where does Vietnam stand?

14:01 | 16/10/2013 Science - Technology

(VEN) - Vietnam Chamber of Industry and Commerce (VCCI) and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment jointly organized a workshop titled “Extractive industry governance: Where is Vietnam standing?” on October 8.
Encouraging solutions to restore forest ecosystem

15:01 | 11/10/2013 Science - Technology

(VEN) - Vietnam has made great efforts to restore its forest ecosystem in order to ensure sustainable economic development and respond to climate change.
Environmental pollution control: The world’s experiences and Vietnam’s efforts

08:03 | 11/10/2013 Science - Technology

(VEN) - Many countries in the world have paid special attention to combining efforts to promote economic growth and protect the environment. Clean, environmentally friendly technological solutions have become the choice of industrial production groups and businesses.
Intensifying air pollution control

15:31 | 04/10/2013 Science - Technology

(VEN) - Promulgating a national action plan on air pollution control and reducing particulate pollution are just a couple of priority solutions proposed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to control and reduce air pollution.
Vietnam strives to protect the ozone

08:01 | 01/10/2013 Science - Technology

(VEN) - Since participating in the Montreal Protocol, Vietnam has achieved remarkable success in gradually limiting the use of substances that deplete the ozone layer.
Japan pledges disaster tech support

16:55 | 27/09/2013 Science - Technology

(VEN) - At a Vietnam - Japan disaster prevention seminar recently held in Hanoi, a series of major Japanese technology companies such as NTT Data Corporation, NEC Group, Fujitsu, Panasonic, and SEC Group (SEC) introduced technology solutions to support disaster forecasting via timely and effective collection and processing of information.
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