Science and technology improves yield, revenues in northwest

06:00 | 30/08/2020 Science - Technology

(VEN) - The cultivation of flowers, vegetables and fruit trees yields revenues of billions of dong in Son La Province due to the concerted application of science and technology (S&T).

science and technology improves yield revenues in northwest

Developing fruit trees on sloping land to replace inefficient crops

Economic efficiency

According to Pham Quang An, director of the Son La Department of Science and Technology, the northwestern province has many advantages in terms of land and climate for agricultural development as well as government support for the application of high technology in farming.

Specifically, the province has focused research in recent years on the planting of fruit trees on sloping land to replace inefficient crops, resulting, for example, in high quality longan in compliance with VietGAP standards in Song Ma District. This model in other districts of Son La such as Song Ma, Mai Son and Yen Chau has been significantly expanded from a few hectares to 4000ha, yielding an income of VND200-300 million per hectare. Song Ma longan products have been granted a certification mark and issued with an export area code in order to export to major markets, such as the United States and China.

Similarly, a model for growing red flesh dragon fruit in Mai Son District produces 20 tonnes per hectare, at a selling price of VND30,000 per kg, and a turnover of about VND200-300 million per hectare. Given the results of the project, Mai Son has expanded the acreage of this fruit and established a cooperative to produce red flesh dragon fruits according to VietGAP standards. Currently, the fruit in grown on 133ha, with output of 404 tonnes.

A model developed at the Tropical Flower Joint Stock Company for producing off-season vegetables meeting VietGAP standards and high quality flowers has created stable jobs and high income for more than 150 workers (a monthly average of VND5-6 million per person). Currently, the company continues to invest in expanding the scale of flower growing, with annual revenue of about VND1.5-2 billion per hectare.

Smart technology

The Son La Department of Science and Technology continues to improve the capacity of science and technology application in agricultural production, organic agriculture and bio-agriculture development. That includes promoting the application of new technologies in production, especially in preserving and processing the province’s unique products; the application of software to control irrigation, and the use of smart equipment systems for mesh houses and greenhouses, An emphasized.

In addition, the province not only coordinates with departments, sectors, and the people's committees of districts and cities in formulating and proposing S&T tasks, but also enhances publication of research results and promotes an information network among units to provide, exchange and effectively exploit S&T information sources.

Currently, 70 percent of the province’s S&T tasks have been applied and replicated, significantly contributing to socioeconomic development in rural and mountainous areas.

Quynh Nga