SCG - Three decades for quality of life in Vietnam

13:00 | 11/07/2020 Cooperation

(VEN) - As the leading sustainable enterprise originated from Thailand, throughout three decades of operation in Vietnam, the 108-year-old corporation SCG has contributed greatly to the economic development as well as the living quality of communities across the country. 

scg three decades for quality of life in vietnam
Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc (left) congratulated Roongrote Rangsiyopash, President and CEO of SCG, on the ground-breaking ceremony of the Long Son Petrochemical Complex

The leading business with premium quality products and services

Incorporated in Bangkok, Thailand since 1913, until now SCG has expanded its business in ASEAN region with presences in Laos, Cambodia, Philippines, Myanmar, Indonesia and Vietnam. SCG’s business comprises of three core units namely Cement-Building Materials, Chemicals, and Packaging. The company creates and distributes innovative products and services that respond to the current and future needs of consumers.

Penetrating Vietnam’s market since 1992 initially with trading business, SCG gradually expands its investment portfolio to diversified businesses. Today, with total of 21 companies across Vietnam driven by more than 9,600 employees, SCG offers a variety of premium products, services and solutions to market as well as champions numerous projects that contribute to the development of the local economy.

Chief amongst those, the Long Son Petrochemical Complex (LSP) is known as the flagship project that plays an important role in the development of petrochemical

scg three decades for quality of life in vietnam
SCG joins hand with Dow Vietnam Co., Unilever Vietnam and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to create a green environment for Vietnam

industry in Vietnam. At the ground-breaking ceremony of the project in 2018, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc said LSP will play a vital role in the government’s plan to develop the petrochemical industry to meet the domestic demand and start exporting.

“On behalf of the Vietnamese government, I would like to applaud the determination and tenacity of SCG to drive the project to fruition. The Vietnamese government commits to facilitating this project, which is very important not only to the national economy, but also for the strategic relation between the two countries of Vietnam and Thailand,” said the Prime Minister. Aside from LSP, lately, SCG has also launched its superior brand SCG Super Cement to the central market, aiming to provide versatile solutions for local construction. The product is making impressive performance, well received by local homeowners and developers, enhancing the building quality and hence living quality of local people.

The responsible corporate citizen that contributes to community development

Follow its promise “Passion for Better”, SCG has always contributed to the development of community where it operates. In recent months, the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted seriously both local economy and the lives of people across the country. Therefore, SCG and its subsidiaries have taken initiatives to support various communities during the difficult time, such as donating cash; medical equipment including medical masks, face shields, hand sanitizers, disinfectant spray; and food for medical staffs with values up to seven billion dong.

Besides, SCG also pays attention to the human development of Vietnam, starting from nurturing young generation. The company has donated 400 tonnes of high quality cement to build playgrounds for local communities in Quang Binh Province where is located its cement factory. Until April this year, joined hands with the provincial youth union, the project has completed construction of 38 over 45 playgrounds.

The other examples of continuous effort that SCG has asserted are SCG Sharing The Dream Scholarship - giving opportunities for more than 4,000 students across 12 years of operation; SCG Street Football Tournament - providing platform for young talents to grow into professional players; SCG International Children’s Day serial events that take place in Ho Chi Minh City and Ba Ria-Vung Tau to bring happiness to local children. And the journey is still continuing.

scg three decades for quality of life in vietnam
SCG has encouraged the dream for young people by awarding scholarships every year since 2007

Leading the way in circular economy and sustainable development

SCG is also known as the leading sustainable corporation with their circular economy activities. Last year, with its vision to cooperate with all sectors in ASEAN towards a sustainable future, 73 students from seven countries across ASEAN have been selected to join corporate’s ASEAN Camp. There, college students had an opportunity to develop their leadership skills and instill a sense of responsibility and given opportunity to bring benefits to the wider society.

As part of the ASEAN Camp, two Vietnamese representatives have shared their voice about the environmental issues in the country: “Climate change is not just a problem for Vietnam, it’s a problem for all of the ASEAN. We borrow the earth from the future so we should be responsible for whatever we are doing. We should act in a single world towards one single goal - sustainable development.”

In corporate movements, in the first quarter of 2020, SCG, Dow Vietnam Co., Unilever Vietnam and the Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment have jointly held the signing ceremony of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to build public private collaboration towards circular economy in plastic waste management. This was the first time the public-private collaboration has been signed to address the national issue of plastic waste. Joining the alliance, SCG hopes that the Vietnamese government and relating sides are willing to share knowledge, transfer technology, enhance community awareness as well as boost the innovation for plastic waste.

SCG’s circular economy orientation is expected to make great changes in the whole value chain, heading towards eco-friendly products. Thus, promoting this economy model is the next step that the 108-year old business group is set to take on, in order to achieve future prosperity of businesses and the community. According to SCG, the circular economy is proving the right answer to Vietnam’s sustainable development future.

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