SCG joins hands to solve the global crisis through ESG Symposium 2022

08:46 | 21/07/2022 Society

The ESG Symposium 2022 joining private, public sectors, and global alliances was held on July 19, 2022 in Thailand.

The symposium with the theme “Achieving ESG and Growing Sustainability” accelerated solutions for crisis after global warming, COVID-19 aftereffects, inflation, and soaring energy costs.

SCG has incorporated 315 coalitions of public, private sectors, women, and rising generations to tackle global crises, gearing ESG in ASEAN, accelerating Thailand’s first immediate plans for net-zero innovation.

scg joins hands to solve the global crisis through esg symposium 2022

Roongrote Rangsiyopash, President & CEO, SCG had a welcome speech at the ESG Symposium 2022

Roongrote Rangsiyopash, President & CEO, SCG explained at ESG Symposium 2022: “We are looking to expand collaborations in accordance with the ESG guidelines as it is the sole pathway to alleviate the crisis after crisis that is upon us. Previously, the platform delivered global collaborations to local circumstances, creating change and tangible crisis solutions. For instance, the joint success prompted a roadmap for net-zero GHG emissions between cement and concrete industries in Thailand and Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA). This attempts to gear Thailand’s cement industries toward the net-zero GHG emissions goal by 2050, aligning with global milestones. Another example is the collaboration to sustainably address plastic waste in the ocean with the Alliance to End Plastic Waste (AEPW), a world-renowned non-profit organization consisting of companies in the plastics industry value chain, ranging from manufacturers, suppliers, and consumers to those managing plastic wastes”.

In addition, ESG Symposium 2022 highlighted the necessity to reduce social inequality. This is represented by encouraging women and young generations’ shared role in driving the economy and solving crises. As women possess crucial roles in caring for and providing for the family, thus, this is an essential economic driver for both the communities and the nation. At the event, there were sharing sessions to inspire women while reflecting on their potential. This shall prepare women for further knowledge and skill development that will equip them with tools to overcome life’s difficulties via sources of income, stable professions, and self-sufficiency.

scg joins hands to solve the global crisis through esg symposium 2022

Panel discussion with the theme “World is in crises, how can we rescue?” held at the symposium

“Relieving the crisis ranks first in every person and every sector's agenda. They must act now and collaborate to create tangible outcomes. I strongly believe that outputs from the ESG Symposium 2022 are practical and scalable as planned. SCG is dedicated to helping coordinate with all related parties and track progress. This is because, to bear fruit and see results, the collaboration must advance while benefiting all in the value chain. This shall contribute to building the Green Economy, in line with the BCG concept (B - Bioeconomy, C - Circular economy, G - Green economy) to deliver a sustainable world for generations to come,” he added.