Saving energy in Bac Ninh Province craft villages

13:02 | 06/08/2020 Industry

(VEN) - Bac Ninh Province, northeast of the capital Hanoi, has some of the fastest growing craft villages in the country in both quantity and quality, as well as rapidly increasing energy consumption due to the use of outdated machinery and equipment. The local Department of Industry and Trade has set out to devise and implement energy saving solutions for the production process.

saving energy in bac ninh province craft villages
Local enterprises are encouraged to apply scientific and advanced production management measures

The provincial craft villages generate about VND12.2 trillion worth of goods. For example, the Quang Bo mechanical processing village has more than 70 enterprises and cooperatives, many with annual revenues of tens of billions of dong, creating jobs for 20-30 employees. The Phu Khe craft commune has nearly 2,600 households that produce and trade in fine arts wood, creating jobs for more than 4,500 local workers and thousands of workers in neighboring localities. Each of its large-scale production households have a turnover of VND3-5 billion per year.

However, energy consumption in these craft villages is very high, especially in villages producing steel, paper, mechanics and metallurgy. Industrial electricity accounts for about 79 percent of Bac Ninh’s power consumption.

According to a representative of the Bac Ninh Department of Industry and Trade, energy is a rich, diversified but not endless resource, and each family must be made aware of this fact. Energy saving is also one of the major policy goals of the Party and State.

Energy saving measures

In response, the department has proposed three key solutions for electricity saving in craft villages, which entail improving the energy efficiency of energy-intensive equipment, using new technologies such as electricity management software and applying new advances in production. Many establishments have successfully applied these solutions. For example, the Duc Binh Paper Enterprise in Phong Khe craft village produces more than 25,000 tonnes of paper each year. By applying maximum cost-saving measures, using software to regulate and adjust engine speed, and using constant frequency, power use has decreased 22 percent.

In addition, the department supports a change in the type of energy used to achieve higher efficiency and easier management, such as shifting from coal to gas, replacing traditional charcoal fuel with other biomass fuel such as straw and rice husk firewood, which yield higher burning capacity and ease pollution.

In order to encourage production establishments and craft village enterprises to apply scientific and advanced production management measures, the department has built a strategy for not only economical electricity use, but also economical and efficient energy management models. The department also flexibly applies energy-saving measures in production, such as production during off-peak hours, maximizing daylight production, using energy-saving equipment and frequently testing to improve equipment performance.

Bac Ninh Province currently has 62 craft villages, 53 of them handicraft production villages with high potential for energy saving in the production process.

Hai Linh