Saudi King orders to pay citizens inflation allowances

10:50 | 08/01/2018 Cooperation

Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud has ordered to provide inflation allowances for citizens to ease the expected rise in the cost of living after the newly enforced value added tax (VAT), Al Arabiya local news reported last Saturday.

He also directed to pay the annual grant provided to employees working for the government sector and to be calculated from January 1.

The stated grants include payment of a monthly living allowance of 267 U.S. dollars for civil and military employees for one year, and a reward of 1,333 U.S. dollars for military personnel participating in the front lines of military operations in the southern borders of the Kingdom.

In addition to pensions paid by the General Organization for Social Insurance for beneficiaries, 133 U.S. dollars will be granted for one year.

The order highlighted that the state shall bear the VAT for citizens benefiting from private health services and private education.

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