Sapporo Premium beer 100 to be launched in May

09:44 | 26/04/2022 Companies

Sapporo Premium beer 100 with innovation in ingredients, taste, and visual design will be launched on May 1st.

sapporo premium beer 100 to be launched in may

This new product comes with various packing specifications: 24x 330ml cans per box and 6x330ml cans per pack. The beer is made from 100% malt, which gives it a unique flavor, along with the smoothness inherited from Sapporo Premium beer.

Sapporo Premium 100 still retains its ideal quality from Japan with 3C standard (Cold - Clear - Creamy). With a unique taste and an alcohol level of 3.5 percent, Sapporo Premium beer 100 is the pioneer of high-quality beer aimed at young people with a smart drinking style. They are people who want to find a feeling of lightheadedness and refreshment when drinking, but still sober and not feeling tired the next day.

"Smart drinking" is a trend that is now favored by Vietnamese young people. They enjoy gathering with close friends and enjoy a few beers to relax and create their own moments. Instead of drinking to get drunk, they choose for themselves a light beer that is just enough to get "tipsy & easy" - a feeling of pleasure and lightness enough to enjoy with friends.

In order for the journey of spreading the smart drinking style to reach more people, Sapporo has continuously invested in the Sapporo Star Guide website to create a playground to connect consumers through a loyalty program and sharing articles about food, drinking standards and how to enjoy beer in a smart way.

Sapporo Premium 100 beer cans are designed with the highlight of the number 100 representing 100 percent malt - the most outstanding feature of this beer line. It still uses the familiar brand logo and is decorated with soft curves to make the overall design more harmonious and impressive.