Saigon Co.op selects Oracle Cloud infrastructure to enhance customer convenience

08:04 | 12/05/2022 Companies

Saigon Co.op (Ho Chi Minh City Union of Trade Cooperatives), one of the largest supermarket chains in Vietnam, has gone live on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to transform its data management platform and gain competitive advantage.

By deploying Oracle Autonomous Database for analytics and data warehousing (ADW) and Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) on OCI, part of Oracle’s enterprise-class data warehouse offering, Saigon Co.op can now integrate data across the entire organization to help improve its reporting and analysis to make better-informed decisions and boost management efficiency.

saigon coop selects oracle cloud infrastructure to enhance customer convenience

“Consumer shopping patterns have been significantly disrupted by the pandemic. Despite this, our retail network has continued to expand to serve millions of customers and bring them the best experience possible,” said Nguyen Huu Dong Ha – Chief Accountant, Saigon Co.op.

“With Oracle Cloud, we now have a modern, integrated data and analytics platform that can seamlessly incorporate and analyze a wide variety of data that comes from multiple data sources. This helps us understand changes in our consumers’ buying behavior so we can serve them better and predict future trends.”

With ADW and OAC, Saigon Co.op has access to powerful insights from multiple data sources which are driven by machine learning. ADW’s cloud-native service eliminates the data management complexity across the entire analytics process from data ingestion and modeling to data preparation and enrichment. OAC also helps bring powerful visualization and collaboration capabilities without compromising security and governance, enabling Saigon Co.op to increase productivity and build an analytics-driven culture within the company.

“In the fast-evolving retail business, every second counts. You need speed, efficiency, and accuracy to make an informed decision and cater to customers’ expectations and craft offers to suit,” said Phong Pham, Managing Director, Oracle Vietnam. “We have helped Saigon Co.op develop a solid, secure, flexible, and self-driving cloud-based data platform that provides management with a single source of truth to help manage and analyze its customer data.”

Song Ha