Saigon Beer affirms Vietnam’s pride

16:34 | 20/05/2016 Companies

(VEN) - Saigon Beer is proud of its 141-year history, and 39 years of construction and development with countless efforts to brighten the Saigon beer brand - the pride of Vietnam.

Saigon Beer affirms Vietnam’s pride

Saigon – Nguyen Chi Thanh brewery factory, the cradle of Saigon Beer

Saigon Beer now occupies a leading position in the Vietnamese beer industry and has the honor to be recognized four consecutive times as Vietnam Value and is the 351st member in the Berlin Beer Academy - one of the cradles of the world beer culture. The growth of Saigon Beer is the combination of quintessence from many generations to create the brand that overcomes new challenges, deserves to be a Labor Hero unit in the innovation period and is the pride of Vietnam.

Efforts to overcome difficulties

Founded in 1875 with a rudimental facility, after the liberation of the southern region, the Southern Beer-Alcohol Company officially took over the plant on June 1, 1977. Then the factory was renamed Saigon Brewery Factory.

After initial difficulties, the factory has gradually kept stable production activities and provided canned beer products for the market since October 1985, contributing to persifying beer products and bringing its output in 1985 to 56.58 million liters.

The ceremony to celebrate the 141-year history of Saigon Beer

On September 14, 1993, the factory officially became the Saigon Beer Company and it had strong developments in the production of different beer products to serve the market. At that time, to compete with foreign beer brands which were also available in the market, leaders and staff of the Saigon Beer Company showed great unity and made appropriate solutions such as strengthening management, expanding markets, and enhancing technology innovations.

Together with strong growth in trade and production activities, the company’s scale has also expanded. So far, Saigon Beer has developed eight products including Saigon Lager, Saigon Export, Saigon Special, Saigon Lager 355 and 333 Premium bottled beer; Saigon Lager, Saigon Special and 333 canned beer which have gained consumer trust.

To mark the 140-year history of the Saigon Beer brand in 2015, the Saigon Beer Corporation conducted research and successfully developed a new line of the Mash Up beer with two main products including the Mash Up beer with fresh lemon and tequila cocktail. The Mash Up beer has been produced driving towards dynamic, modern, and creative young people.

Affirming leading position

In 2003, the Sai Gon Beer Alcohol Beverage Joint Stock Corporation (Sabeco) was established and in 2004 it operated in the parent company – subsidiary model. In 2006, the distribution system of Saigon Beer was completed with eight commercial joint stock companies, and has now increased to 10 spreading all key regions across the country.

2008 marked the first turning point of the corporation as it switched to privatization and made remarkable progress with continuous development in terms of production scale and organizational structure. So far, Saigon Beer has 46 member units working in every region of Vietnam with vision “to turn Sabeco into a leading beverage group by 2025 which has a good position regionally and internationally”.

Through 38 years of developing its brand, so far, Saigon Beer has built 24 modern factories across the country. A typical example is the Saigon - Cu Chi Brewery – one of the most modern factories in Southeast Asia, raising production capacity of the corporation to about two billion liters in 2015.

Before new challenges, to achieve set targets for 2016 and following years, the Sabeco’s board of directors has deployed the strategy: Trading is the top priority - Technology is the foundation – and Administration is decision. In addition, the corporation has implemented solutions to expand markets, increase exports, develop brands, and accelerate its restructuring process in line with the general trend of development.

The groundbreaking ceremony to upgrade production capacity of Saigon-Kien Giang brewery factory in March 2016

Saigon Beer has also developed and applied successfully the ISO 9001 - 2008, ISO 1400, ISO 22000, HACCP and GMP integrated management systems in the corporation and member units. Saigon beer quality has been recognized by the quality management system - food safety - environment certified by Quacert. In addition, the corporation’s board of directors has organized many training courses for staff, enabling them to access new technologies to meet increasing demand in works.

In 2015, Saigon Beer consumption reached 1.465 billion liters, paying VND7.7 trillion to the state budget. The total amount of money raised to social welfare activities during the 2010-2015 period reached more than VND210 billion, while totaling nearly VND50 billion in 2015 alone. In March 2016, Saigon Beer held a groundbreaking ceremony to upgrade its production capacity of Saigon - Kien Giang brewery factory up to 100 million liters a year, to meet the needs of consumers in Southwestern region and promote exports to Cambodia as a way to show the sustainable development roadmap of Saigon Beer.


Hanh Le