Safety solution for electricity using in Vietnam

08:31 | 20/12/2019 Industry

On December 19, 2019, Phu Khang Thinh Joint Stock Company, TPT Co., LTD and SHIN WOO Innovation sign a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) aiming at bringing safety solution for electricity using in Vietnam - Electrical Leakage Prevention Device (ELPD).  

safety solution for electricity using in vietnam

According to the agreement, Phu Khang Thinh Joint Stock Company is the ELPD exclusive distributor from the world-leading manufacturer, TPT Co., LTD, through the exclusive supplier SHIN WOO Innovation. By this, the three sides can maximize the quality and efficiency of the product, and help enhance operation of industries, reduce electricity loss due to leakage current as well as provide safety for users.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mr. Chun Hun. An, CEO of TPT Co., LTD shared, “Electricity leakage, electric hazards and fire accidents take place all the time. However, there had not been any proper source technology to prevent these issues although the using of electricity is always essential and keeps growing. Besides, industrial devices become unstable after a leakage current, causing a huge damage to companies and enterprises. From these reasons, TPT Co., LTD pioneered in developing ELPD in order that even when electric devices meet water, users are safe.”

In addition to preventing electricity leakage and accidents, ELPD also has advantages: Reduce cost of electricity; Prevent loss due to the ceasing of industrial machines when there is rain, storm or typhoon, etc; Protect from electromagnetic wave and noise; Protect devices and help them work properly even when it is flooded.

Representing SHIN WOO Innovation to state at the ceremony, CEO Mr. Hyung-Jin expressed, “With the motto of bringing the best solution for the electric and LED industry we are focusing, we always put the quality as the top priority. Hence, being the exclusive supplier and exporter for ELPD from TPT shows our trust in technology and quality of the product. ELPD has received many awards and patents with positive growth in business as an evidence and in the future, it will be certainly grow strongly and reach out to more and more customers.”

“We are very proud to cooperate with the two prestigious partners from Korea, bringing the ELPD to Vietnam market. Through the agreement, we hope to provide advantageous solution to the electric industry, reduce electricity risk and loss, along with bringing safety for home users when there is rain, storm or typhoon”, shared Mr. Huynh Ngoc Liet, Managing Director of Phu Khang Thinh Joint Stock Companyabout becoming the exclusive distributor in Vietnam.

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