Saeilo (Thailand) Co., Ltd provides quality machine tools

15:48 | 22/06/2016 Companies

(VEN) - Managing Director of Saeilo (Thailand) Co., Ltd Yoshiaki Kurosu told Vietnam Economic News’ Nguyen Huong that the company has provided an increasing number of high quality machine tools to meet the growing need in Vietnam.

Saeilo (Thailand) Co., Ltd provides quality machine tools

What about Saeilo (Thailand) Co., Ltd., regarding targeted customers, the market share and the demand for machine tools?

Our Saeilo (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established in 1990 and with the aim of broadening our development, we have had a representative office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam since 2008. Our main products and services are software such as Cimatron (3D CAD. CAM system), Moldex 3D, as well as high performance machines - CNC Lathe, Machining Center, Machining Center, Miling Machine, CNC Taping Machine, and CNC Turning Center.

Our main customers are automative producers, and die, mold production companies and enterprises, which use machine tools and design software. Generally speaking, the Vietnamese market is now more open and has more opportunities for our business than the past. It can be seen that the demand for machine tools and 3D design software products is increasing. Realizing this trend, our company always seeks and enlarges potential customers. In addition, it is important for us to have a long lasting relationship and high quality support for customers.

What is the perspective of industrial production and trade in Vietnam?

Vietnam’s government is trying to reduce many barriers to create more opportunities and attract investors. This is ideal for sustainable development of the industry sector in the future. More incentives related to clearance, import and export policies and taxes have also contributed to the development of the industrial and trade sector. I believe that industrial production in Vietnam will be improved and accelerated in the coming years. Nowadays, a huge amount of investment has shifted from America and Europe to the Asian region, particularly Vietnam, the country with competitive labor costs and persified resources.

How about the utilization of high precision technology in the manufacturing industry in Vietnam to gain a competitive position in ASEAN?

Although ASEAN countries have a larger amount of advantages in terms of labor and resources, it is necessary for them to update new models and production methods to increase their competitive ability. More specific, the utilization of high precision technology in manufacturing can help reduce unexpected damages and ensure accuracy, and save production time. Additionally, the use of high precision technology would contribute to increasing capacity and cut production costs.

The implementation of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) is expected to attract more investment in the manufacturing and support industries in Vietnam, and to increase the need for high precision products to enter high quality markets like America, Australia and Japan. What is Saeilo’s marketing plan to meet this increasing demand?

The implementation of TPP and AEC would bring about both benefits and difficulties for Vietnamese enterprises in global competition. To meet the increasing demand for high precision products in high quality markets, our Saeilo will try our best to provide customers the latest machines and software products. Besides, providing customers with the best services is also our priority. Supporting customers is also the main strategy in maintaining our reputation.


Nguyen Huong