Sacred tree of the Co Tu people

06:00 | 06/03/2022 Culture & Tourism

(VEN) -  Tet or the Lunar New Year holiday is the most important Vietnamese holiday, a time for family reunions, gift exchanges, and wishes of prosperity and health. Planting a New Year tree known as “Cay Neu”, is also a Vietnamese custom of the springtime Tet Festival.

On the days before Tet, which generally occurs in February, Vietnamese families plant a “Cay Neu”, which is an extremely tall bamboo tree in front of their homes. The bamboo trunk is stripped of its leaves except for a tuft left on top so that it can be wrapped or decorated with good luck red paper.

The Co Tu ethnic group in the Central Highlands build their Cay Neu in front of the Guol community house in the center of their villages, where Tet celebrations and other traditional activities, such as rituals welcoming the new rice crop, praying for rain, buffalo sacrifices and weddings take place.

The Co Tu build Cay Neu not only to wish good weather conditions and a bumper crop but also to seek peace and the health of their relatives in the new lunar year.

sacred tree of the co tu people
sacred tree of the co tu people

Pham Tiep