Rural industry promotion thrives in Ben Tre

12:09 | 28/04/2019 Industry

(VEN) - To maximize industry promotion efficiency, authorities in the Mekong Delta province of Ben Tre are studying the demands and needs of funding beneficiaries.

rural industry promotion thrives in ben tre
Industry promotion projects help rural industrial establishments improve production capacity and diversify products

In 2018, the Industry Promotion Center of Ben Tre Province was assigned to implement three national industry promotion projects for application of machinery and equipment in production of coconut jelly at the Pham Muoi household business, coconut fiber production at the Nguyen Phat Co., Ltd. and coconut mask production at the Cuu Long Coconut Co., Ltd.

The new equipment and machinery have helped the project beneficiaries improve production capacity, diversify products, and expand production.

This is just one example of what the provincial industry promotion sector has achieved so far. Taking the initiative in project development and implementation, Ben Tre has made good use of funding from national industry promotion programs to develop rural industry.

According to data of the Ben Tre Province Department of Industry and Trade, from 2014-2018, with funding from national industry promotion programs, the provincial Industry Promotion Center assisted 85 rural industrial establishments to build technical demonstration models and apply advanced machinery and equipment to production. This, in turn, has helped reduce production errors, increase workers’ incomes, mechanize and modernize production, and transform economic and labor structures towards industrialization and modernization.

The center also held two events honoring outstanding provincial rural industrial products, and prepared detailed plans for Binh Thoi Industrial Zone in Binh Dai District, Thanh Thoi B Industrial Park in Mo Cay Nam District, and An Hoa Tay Industrial Park in Ba Tri District.

National industrial promotion programs have helped Ben Tre’s rural industrial facilities improve their product quality and competitiveness while encouraging them to increase investment in production and trade development.

A department representative said understanding the needs of rural industrial enterprises, building practical, efficient projects, maximizing capital efficiency and prompt project implementation are key to the industry promotion sector’s success.

The department is focusing on an industry promotion funding review and proper capital allocation to project beneficiaries while working with associations and industries to stimulate industry promotion.

The three national industry promotion projects implemented with VND585 million by the Industry Promotion Center of

Ben Tre Province in 2018 attracted more than VND850 million in matching capital from project beneficiaries.

Hai Linh