RoK, Vietnam expand scientific, technological cooperation

14:20 | 12/04/2018 Science - Technology

(VEN) - Vietnam’s Ministry of Science and Technology and the Republic of Korea (RoK)’s Ministry of Science and ICT held the eighth meeting of their Joint Committee on Science and Technology Cooperation on March 22.

rok vietnam expand scientific technological cooperation
At the eighth meeting of Vietnam - RoK Joint Committee on Science and Technology Cooperation - Photo: baocongthuong

Minister of Science and Technology Chu Ngoc Anh said that after more than 25 years of formal diplomatic relations, the RoK and Vietnam have achieved important results in cooperation in various fields. With Vietnam’s determination to build a growth-enabling and action-oriented government, and efforts to help science and technology play a key role and make significant contributions to economic development, Vietnam attaches much importance to cooperation with the RoK, he said.

Since the signing of the science and technology cooperation agreement in 1995, the two sides have held seven meetings of the RoK-Vietnam Joint Committee on Science and Technology Cooperation, achieving significant results. The two sides have also signed various memorandums of understanding on cooperation.

The RoK has sent experts to provide technical support for Vietnam in such fields as high technology, measurement and atomic energy. In addition, the two sides have jointly launched a number of research projects, laying the foundation for long-term cooperation.

The RoK is supporting the Vietnamese Ministry of Science and Technology in launching an official development assistance (ODA) project for the establishment of the Vietnam-Korea Institute of Science and Technology (VKIST) to enhance Vietnam’s science and technology capabilities. “Vietnam highly appreciates the RoK’s scientific and technological achievements, as well as its support for Vietnam in scientific and technological development,” Chu Ngoc Anh said.

rok vietnam expand scientific technological cooperation
Photo: baocongthuong

Once operational, the institute is expected to play an important role in providing technological solutions for businesses, and become a scientific and technological incubator in service of the domestic industrial sectors.

RoK Minister of Science and ICT You Young Min said Vietnam and the RoK view science and technology as an important driving force for economic development and want to further strengthen cooperation in these areas. The planned VKIST symbolizes the determination and wishes of both nations to join hands with businesses to boost cooperation between the two sides.

The RoK will also provide short-term training courses, scholarships, undergraduate and postgraduate training to develop Vietnam’s human resources in science and technology. In addition, the two sides will launch large-scale national science and technology cooperation programs.

The RoK and Vietnam will prioritize cooperation in biotechnology, nanotechnology, information technology and climate change response technologies. The next meeting of the joint committee is expected to be held in the RoK in 2020.

Quynh Nga